Five Reasons Not to Buy a New PC

Here are five reasons why you might want to wait on that new PC purchase for awhile.

There is so much fuss these days about tablets and the ‘Post PC Era’. We thought that we would show people how they can turn their current PC into a tablet.

Make a Window Active with a Hover

If you’d like to make windows active in Windows 7 by hovering over the window instead of clicking it, here’s how to do that.

Disable the Aero Interface

Aero is the flashy user interface in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It can slow down older PCs, but you can turn it off easily. Here’s how to do that.

I like Google Chrome a lot. In fact, I think you should discontinue using your existing web browser, and start using Chrome instead. Here are five good reasons why.

According to these operating-system statistics, Windows 7 is the world’s most popular operating system, and overtook Windows XP in August 2011. Since then, its lead has grown, and it’s now run by 48.7% of users.

Let’s face it: Wires cause clutter. The more wires you have from your laptop or desktop PC to your peripherals, the more clutter there is, and the more wires can get tangled, pulled out, frayed or ruined. Thankfully, electronics are moving in a wireless direction. Fewer cords is a good thing, right? Sure, but not always.

Can a Tablet Replace a Laptop for Good?

With the announcement and impending release of the iPad 3, it’s important to point out that as advanced as tablets are, there are still things they can’t do that a laptop can do.

How to Use Windows Update (Video Guide)

In this interactive video, learn about Windows Update and how you use it to keep Windows on the newest version. This video works for all versions of Windows.

Welcome to Part 2 of the two-part series on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

A Restore Point is a saved state in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Think of it like a “save” in your favorite video game. A Restore Point records the current versions of all your drivers and programs, which programs are installed and not installed, the current update of Windows, the specific Windows settings, and so on.

So, you’ve probably heard about this Windows 8 thing. Today, Microsoft released what’s called the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. In other words, a beta, or early version. It’s not the first one they’ve done — they did a beta for developers last year — but this edition of Windows 8 is far more complete and less crash-prone.

Open Newer Office Files in Older Versions

Newer versions of Microsoft Office save files in .DOCX or .XLSX format, and these files are difficult to open in older versions. Here’s how to fix that.

Burn a CD or DVD

Windows 7 has built in disc-burning software. Find out how to burn a CD or DVD in Windows 7.

Open a PDF

PDFs, or portable document files, require special software to open in Windows. Here’s how to open these important documents.

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