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Changing the Start Menu Appearance in Start Menu Reviver 2

There are many options for configuring how Start Menu Reviver 2 looks. It may be overwhelming at first but we hope this video helps explain the options you have for configuring everything.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today I’m going to show you some more advanced features that helps you really change the way Start Menu Reviver 2 looks. Now, the default installation of Start Menu Reviver looks something like this. You’ll see that we have some empty tiles, we have some preconfigured tiles based on some things that are installed on your computer, and we have a dark gray style charms bar here, and we’re using a blue color as our accent color or theme color. What I mean by that is you can see that the background color by default is blue for our tiles, and we also have a blue color here around our “All Apps” and our “Start Screen” icons. We have blue around your user profile picture, and we a have blue search button. We also use blue as our hover text color as well.

If you want to change that theme color, all you need to do is go to the settings area and choose “Start Menu Settings,” and then choose “Appearance.” You’ll see here that there’s an option for theme color. You can choose from a few pre-selected colors that we’ve chosen. You’ve got this red-ish pink-ish color here, you select that and you open the product again, you’ll see that these colors have changed. You can also choose any array of colors that you wish. If you click on this “Change” option, you’ll see a bit of a palette selector that gives you even more options. If you want to go one step further, you can choose “More Colors,” and there’s a full spectrum of the rainbow here to choose from. You can have any color imaginable, and use that as your theme color. I won’t get too much into that, that’s quite advanced, but if you know of a color that you wish you can choose the hue saturation, and different color characteristics for that color. It’s quite easy to do from that screen.

The other option you’ve got here is choosing a theme style. We have “Day” and “Night,” and Day just means it’s a lighter style theme which is what we use by default, and Night is a darker style theme. If I was to choose Night instead of Day and save that, the next time you open the start menu you’ll see that we’ve switched what we were doing before. Before we were using a light color behind the tiles, and were using a dark color on the charms area, so it’s just switched that view. It’s quite easy to change that back if you wish, it really depends on your personal preferences on what you’d like to use there. If you go back to Day there. The other thing you can choose, you can actually change the color of the navigation bar or the charms bar. By default it’s using whatever you’ve chosen in the Day or Night theme, but you can also change it to also use your theme color. If I was to choose this one and save it, you’ll see that the charms bar or navigation bar has been changed to the same color as your theme color.

The other option you’ve got to change as well, I’m going to change this back just to dark because I don’t want to have mine as too much red and pink on my start menu. The last option you’ve got to change is your navigation buttons. You can either have them set to be the same as your day or night theme style, or the same as your theme color. If I was to change that to my theme color and save it, then you’ll see that the icons that are in my navigation bar or charms bar have been changed to be the same as my theme color. Quite a lot of customization that’s available there, you can go into as much nit-picking as you will on the color that you’re using. You can configure this in a number of different ways. We like to allow people to have a lot of customization with their start menu, and really make it personal to them. We hope that you enjoy playing with this and really changing your style, making it to look however you wish to make it look.

If you have any questions or comments about this, we’d love to get your feedback from you. Just leave a comment below, or comment us through our website. Thank you for watching, and thank you for being a Start Menu Reviver user.

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