How to Shutdown and Restart in Windows 8

In previous versions of Windows, you’d shut down your PC by clicking Start, then Shut Down. Since that’s no longer an option due to there being no Start Menu, shutting down your PC (or restarting, sleeping or hibernating) is a different process in Windows 8.

Find out how to Shutdown and Restart in Windows 8

First, you need to make the right-hand sidebar appear from anywhere in Windows 8. This right-hand sidebar, which Windows calls the Charm Bar, includes search and basic settings.

      • Move the mouse to the lower right of the screen. You’ll see the icons start to appear.
      • Move the mouse up and you’ll see the Charm Bar appear fully.

Swipe the mouse upward from the lower right.

    • Then, click the Settings gear icon. The blue settings pane will appear.
    • Click the Power button icon. You’ll see Sleep, Shut Down and Restart, and you may see Hibernate if your PC supports this feature. Click one of these choices.

You can restart, shut down or sleep.
(Here’s a guide that goes into the differences between Shut Down, Sleep and Hibernate.)

Now, that seems like many more clicks than in previous versions of Windows just to shut down the PC. Luckily, there’s a few keyboard shortcuts that will get the job done.

  • If on the Start Screen, hit the Windows key to go to the desktop. Otherwise, go on to the next step.
  • Hit Windows Key + D to minimize everything and show the desktop.
  • When on the desktop, hit Alt + F4. Be sure everything is minimized already, or this shortcut will close the current app.
  • The Shut Down Windows box will appear, and you can choose whether to shut down, restart or sleep from here.

The Settings menu is where you’ll shut down from.

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