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Start Menu Reviver and Windows 10

Start Menu Reviver works with Windows 10. Here are the details you need to know.

We developed ReviverSoft Answers as a platform for people to get help with their computer problems. Anyone can create a free account and post a question about a problem they are having with their PC or Mac. After a question is posted anyone within the community can answer it if they feel they can help. And by anyone I mean anyone! One of the amazing features of ReviverSoft Answers is that it supports 20+ languages (with more coming). You can post a question in French or Chinese or Spanish or […]

Since the launch of ReviverSoft Answers we have helped hundreds of people find solutions to their computer problems. We’ve done this by connecting them to a community of experts who can help them. By just creating a free account you can post a post any question you are having about your PC or Mac on ReviverSoft Answers and have it answered. If you have not tried it out yourself you should give it a try. Have a niggling problem about your computer? Ask away! Today we are announcing another great […]

Today we are really excited today to announce the release of Start Menu Reviver 2. Check out the details here.

Announcing Start Menu Reviver 2

Today we are extremely excited to announce the release date and details for Start Menu Reviver 2! The product will be available on May 1st. Read more about what is new in version 2 here.

The Start Menu is coming back to Windows 8

Announced at the Microsoft BUILD conference in April 2014, the Start Menu is coming back to Windows 8. But it is not what it once was…

PC Reviver Version Released

A new version of PC Reviver was released today. After some great feedback from users. We hope you like it!

Introducing PC Reviver

After many, many months of research and development we are absolutely ecstatic to announce the launch of our newest product, PC Reviver. “The all-new PC Reviver” PC Reviver is our new all-in-one repair, maintenance and optimization utility. It includes the essential tools and resources to help you restore optimum performance to your PC and keep it that way. The way we see it, PC Reviver is the only utility you are ever going to need to get your PC back to running at it’s best and keeping it that way. […]

Today we announce the latest version of Start Menu Reviver, version Check out the details of this release here.

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