How do I Optimize the Registry on My PC?

In this interactive video, learn about the Windows Registry and how Registry Reviver can streamline it, helping your PC run like new.

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for your PC

Time to dust off your PC, literally and metaphorically, with this series of Spring Cleaning tips.

YouTube is a great, easy way to edit video free, without the need for expensive video editing software.

A font is another name for a specific typeface that your computer uses, such as Arial, Helvetica, and so on. A computer full of invalid font entries in your Windows Registry, with no actual corresponding font installed, can crash specific applications.

Storing your media files in the cloud is a good idea, especially if you’ve got a small hard drive. Amazon Cloud Drive is one way to do that.

To understand file types, you first have to understand file extensions. The last three to four letters in a filename after the period, such as .doc or .docx, represent the file extension. Each extension is associated with a file type. In this case, the file type is Microsoft Word Document. Each application on your computer has a list of file types associated with it, and your Windows Registry has a record of those file types.

How to Upload and Share Photos Online

Photo organizing applications can be expensive and very CPU intensive. It’s very difficult to upload and organize many photos on a netbook, for example, because the video capabilities of such a machine just can’t handle an app like Photoshop. Plus, the photo organizing software included in your PC by the manufacturer may not work well at all.

It’s important to keep your drivers as fresh as they can be, and that’s where Driver Reviver comes in. In this interactive video, find out how Driver Reviver works to keep your drivers updated.

We get a lot of questions about what Registry Reviver looks at when it runs a scan of your PC, and how Registry Reviver classifies when an error is present. Due to these questions, we’re writing a series of blog posts that describe all the areas of you computer that Registry Reviver scans, and why these areas are important to your computer’s health. These articles will generally be more technical in nature, but we encourage you to ask any questions in the comments section if you would like anything explained.

At work, it’s likely you use Microsoft Outlook to handle e-mail. If you’ve got an old machine, and there are a ton of old machines out there in the business world, Microsoft Outlook can eat up a ton of your computer’s processor! I had a job once where you couldn’t have Outlook open and something else at the same time, or the PC would slow to a crawl. There’s got to be another way, even for business users.

Web-based Alternatives to MS Office

Microsoft Office is highly useful in all walks of life, but it costs quite a bit of money. There’s a free, web-based alternative out there called Google Docs.

Most PCs load far too many applications at startup, which slows down your PC tremendously. In this interactive video, learn how to remove those programs from startup, ensuring a fast boot and smooth Windows operation.

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How do I Pick the Right Laptop?

It’s important to understand the differences between a full-sized laptop and a smaller, less expensive netbook. What are the pluses and minuses of each type of machine?

It’s important to understand the differences between malware, trojan horses and viruses, and how to combat them.

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