Are you still using Windows XP? Read our Survey Results

First of all, thank you to everybody for your responses to our last blog post about whether you are still using Windows XP. We had over 30 responses and we have summarized the results below:

Out of the all the responses, from the people who mentioned which Operating System they were using:

18 Said they were using Windows XP still.

3 Said they were using Windows Vista.

3 Said they were using Windows 7.

So 75% of people who responded about the Operating System they were using said they were using Windows XP. We find this pretty surprising but when looking at the reasons why it does make sense. Most people who responded said that they would like to upgrade to Windows 7 but they have not done so because the cost of buying the software is too expensive and they would rather wait till they get a new computer and get Windows 7 with it. A few people mentioned that if it ain’t broke then why fix it! These are good reasons and we understand where you are coming from, with the price of computers getting cheaper and cheaper it makes more sense to upgrade your entire PC than upgrade your operating system.

We decided to do some research on the visitors coming to our site and what Operating System they are using. We took data collected anonymously from Google Analytics and the results were quite interesting. Below is a table of the percentage of out total website visitors that are using each of the last three Operating Systems broken down by month:


As you can see Windows XP dominates the majority the traffic coming to our website but the percentage is shrinking each month. It also looks like the reduction in in the amount of users running Windows XP is due to the increase in users of Windows 7. Below is another table that shows the percentage change for the amount of people using each Operating System over the 5 month period:


As you can see here the amount of Windows 7 users has nearly doubled showing that people are adopting the new version of Windows at quite a rapid rate. Windows 7 was released in October, it will be interesting to see what percentage of our traffic will be from Windows 7 users on the 1 year anniversary…. you will need to stay tuned for that.

Those people who are stuck with Windows XP for the time being until they upgrade, try scanning your PC for errors with Registry Reviver. Doing so can find the cause for a number problems that result in poor computer performance and crashes

As for the winner of the contest, we are happy to announce that the winner of the free license of a ReviverSoft product of their choice is the author of comment 21 who goes by the name David. Congratulations David and we will be in touch to award you your prize!

As for the rest of you, we would like to give you another opportunity to win a free license of ReviverSoft software. Simply tell us in the comments of this post what types of tips you would like to see in the upcoming posts from us. We want to make sure that we are always providing you with useful information and to do so we would love to here your feedback!

Thanks again for your contributions everyone!

The ReviverSoft Team


  • Betsey Wallace

    No, I am using Windows 7 now.

    Betsey Wallace

  • Peter Elvidge

    I’m now using Windows 7 on my new laptop. I wish that I had stuck to XP. Files on USB just won’t work when I try to use them with 7. My security information is held on USB, so are personal records.
    These are on Excel which refuses to accept the files on USB. As someone just said why fix what ain’t broken.

  • Jaydee

    I still use windows XP on my main computer and Windows 7 on my netbook.
    My employer is still not migrating to Windows 7 I guess until next year.

  • Paul P

    I still use XP on both my home desktop PC and at work. I’ve tried the RC1 release of Windows 7, and to be honest didn’t think much of it. Sure, it had plenty of nice eye candy such as the Aero interface, and was very easy to install. But the need for an OS should be application-driven, not just because it looks good. XP still does everything I need it to do, so if it ain’t broke why try fixing it?

  • Michael

    It has been an eye opener for me to find this site. I have been using Registry Reviver for several months but I just stumbled onto this site. I was unable to get any sound from my computer for months. I followed some of the tips posted and I now have music. Thank you so much.

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