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Still using Windows XP? Share your Thoughts

Are you still using Windows XP? If so, why?

Windows XP was released back in 2001 with the last service pack released (Service Pack 3)  in April 2008. That is one old Operating System! Since the release of XP, Microsoft has released two new versions of Windows (Windows Vista and more recently Windows 7). Unfortunately the release of Windows Vista has bloodied the water for all XP users looking to upgrade their version of the world’s most used operating system.

But the truth is that although the first release of Windows Vista did have it’s problems varying from vast compatibility issues with other software to performance problems with most PCs on the market, the later releases of Windows Vista were significantly improved and solved many of the problems that users experienced. Unfortunately it was too late for Microsoft as Vista had already been branded by the media and most users as rubbish.

Windows 7 however did not have the bad press and criticism at launch, instead it received rave reviews and applause for its stability, features and performance. Unfortunately people are still reluctant to upgrade to the new and improved operating system. Maybe it’s a case of not wanting to fork out a couple hundred dollars when the current operating system works fine or maybe it’s a fear that they will need to buy a new computer to make it work. What ever the reason is, we would love to hear what operating system you use and why. Please leave a comment and we will take a tally and post the result in the next post.

A random comment poster will receive a free copy of a ReviverSoft product of their choice!

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