With Connectify Hotspot you can turn your Windows 10 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your Internet connection with any other Wi-Fi enabled device. No matter where you are, Connectify Hotspot is the most simple way to ensure that you’re connected on tablets, smartphones, and everything else you use on a daily basis. Follow these easy steps to turn your Windows 10 computer into a real Wi-Fi hotspot: Step 1: Click here to get Connectify Hotspot for your Windows 10 PC. Once you’ve installed it, click the purple ‘Try […]

These days, hotels can still charge $11.95/day for Internet access (and that’s per device!). This added cost to your trip can be a deal-breaker when you’ve got multiple laptops plus the family iPad and other devices to contend with. To avoid this issue entirely, frequent travelers never leave home without Connectify Hotspot, an easy-to-use application that turns your Windows laptop into a real Wi-Fi hotspot. With Connectify Hotspot, you have a virtual router right inside your PC. Just get on the hotel Wi-Fi with one laptop, give your Connectify Hotspot […]

Start Menu Reviver and Windows 10

Start Menu Reviver works with Windows 10. Here are the details you need to know.

How To Turn Your PC Into a Virtual Router

Here’s a simple way to turn your PC into a virtual router with Connectify Hotspot. At the click-of-a-button, you can transform your computer into a real wireless hotspot. Setting up Connectify Hotspot virtual router Get Connectify Hotspot – First, download and install Connectify Hotspot Lite. A reboot might be necessary to complete your installation. Launch Connectify Hotspot – Once Connectify Hotspot is installed, it runs in your Windows system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the system clock). If it isn’t open already, click the […]

When we released Start Menu Reviver 2 we made big improvements to the overall design and usability of the product and we were very happy with all the praise and feedback we received about the new version. We are always trying to improve Start Menu Reviver and make it the best Start Menu that you can get for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Since version 2 was released we have received a some feedback from our users that they missed some of the customization features from version 1 (we simplified […]

The DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS error is caused by a driver or software problem on your computer. Here is how to fix it.

The DRIVER_INVALID_STACK_ACCESS error is caused by a software or driver conflict. Here is how to stop this problem from happening.

The DRIVER_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER error is caused by a software or driver conflict. Here is how to fix it.

The DRIVER_CORRUPTED_SYSPTES error is cause by a software conflict or driver problem. Here is how to stop this error from occurring.

The DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL error is caused by a software conflict on your computer. Here is how to stop this error from returning.

The DRIVER_CAUGHT_MODIFYING_FREED_POOL error is caused by a software or driver conflict. Here is how to troubleshoot this issue.

The DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is typically caused by a software conflict on your computer. Here is how to troubleshoot the problem.

The DLL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED Blue Screen of Death Error is usually caused by the failure of an application to initialize primarily because of the window station shutting down. A missing or damaged Remote Access Service (RAS) can also cause this error. Originally, the use of the DLL application is for error reporting. The application will gather data about software malfunctions and send it to Microsoft afterwards. The error manifests itself by making a message box appear stating that the initialization has failed and will terminate the process abnormally whenever a user is […]

The DISORDERLY_SHUTDOWN error is caused by a software conflict on your computer. Here is how to fix this error.

The DIRTY_MAPPED_PAGES_CONGESTION error is typically caused by a problem with your computer drivers. Here is how to stop the error from occurring.

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