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Enable ‘Windows 7 Mode’ in Start Menu Reviver 2

We introduced a new feature into Start Menu Reviver 2 which we casually call ‘Windows 7 mode’. In this mode tiles are not displayed in the product at all and just the Expanded Menu shows when you open the product. Here’s how to enable this mode:

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today I’m going to show you a new feature that’s in Start Menu Reviver 2 that is something that we threw in there for people who might want to have a start menu that is a little bit more similar to the Windows 7 style start menu. Now, to show you what I’m talking about is probably best to jump straight into Star Menu Reviver and configure it. This is the standard view of Start Menu Reviver, you can see your tiles are all there. You’ve got your expanded menu, which you can get to by moving your cursor over to the edge of the menu.

To change this appearance of Start Menu Reviver so it looks more like a Windows 7 start menu, you go into the settings of Start Menu Reviver and then you choose the start menu area of the settings. Then you’ll see the expanded menu option within the settings area. Now by default it’s set up to automatically expand, that means that the expanded menu will automatically expand when you move your cursor over to the right hand edge of Start Menu Reviver. What you want to do is select “Replace the tile menu,” so the expanded menu is replacing the tile menu. Now if you save that option, you’ll see what I’m talking about here. The next time you open Start Menu Reviver, the tiles are no longer there. It just has a list of all of your applications, and the expanded menu has replaced the tile menu.

You can get to all your desktop applications, your modern applications, you can get to your documents. You can go to “My Documents,” or you can go to your “Recent Items,” so you can still have all that control. You can also still use the search functionality, so if you want to search for an application or you want to search for a document, you can still do that. You still have much of the functionality of Start Menu Reviver. It’s all there, you just don’t have access to the tiles, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people use Start Menu Reviver. If you wish to use it like this, the option is there for you. We’d love to hear your feedback on it, you can give that to us by leaving a comment in the comment section below or just contacting us through our website. Thank you for watching, we hope to get some great feedback from you on this feature. I look forward to seeing you in a future video. Thanks!

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