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Using the Start Menu Reviver Search Box

Welcome to a series of fast articles on using individual features in our new, free application, Start Menu Reviver.

The Search Box

The Search Box is the text box along the bottom of Start Menu Reviver. It’s not to be confused with the Search Charm along the left, which just opens Windows’s standard Search feature. The Search Box instead allows you to search your PC for files, programs and documents within Start Menu Reviver’s environment.

You don’t need to click on the Search Box to start using it. Just click Start to bring up Start Menu Reviver, then start typing. The app will search when you are done typing, whether you press Enter or not.

By default, the Search Box searches contents of your extended menu and then after that searches all contents of your computer. Out of the box, Start Menu Reviver’s Expanded Menu shows Desktop Apps (when run in Windows 8), so the Search Box searches through the Desktop Apps first.

Note that regardless of where the Search Box searches, it will also search Windows settings, such as changing passwords and changing screen resolution.

Using the Start Menu Reviver Search Box
Search for resolution, for example, to find the appropriate Windows setting.

After Searching

Once you’re searching in the place you want, the search is extremely fast. The best part, though, is that you can drag any and all search results on a Start Menu Reviver tile, and never have to search for that item again!

Using the Start Menu Reviver Search Box
Drag any search result to a tile, and you won’t have to search for it again.

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