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How to create a secure password you can remember

Passwords are an integral part of using the internet. You need them for almost every website you visit in one form or another. Not only is it important that you use a secure password that cannot be guessed by someone (“Password” or “12345678” is not a good password), it is important to not use the same password across the internet for different websites. This is because if one password is compromised your entire online identity will be also.

Creating a secure password that can be remembered is not an easy task, let alone creating multiple! This is why we have created this video that makes creating passwords a little less boring. Take a look and drop a comment below with your feedback!

If you want to have a secure way of storing these passwords after you create them you should check out Password Reviver. It encrypts and stores your passwords so only people with a Master Password can access them. It also populates your passwords into your websites for you so you don’t even have to remember them. Take a free 30 day trial today!

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