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How to Create a Secure Password to Use Online


Looking to create a secure password to use on your PC and on the Internet? You’re at the right place.

Everyone has their own way of thinking up their own passwords; pet names, place of birth, their maiden name, the word ‘password’, abc123. The problem is that these passwords are too easy to guess and if someone knows you well they are even easier to guess (I don’t even know you, and I bet I guessed at least a couple people’s passwords above). The hardest part is trying to think up the password. Everyone has their own method. The best way is to make it completely random and then either write it down or use your browser settings (not necessarily recommended by us) or a product such as Roboform to remember them.

So how do you make up random passwords? We’ve made it easy for you. Let’s show you how to create a secure password. ReviverSoft have put together an easy password creator. All you need to do is pick your length of the password(s) along with what special characters are needed and then generate however many passwords you want.

Ready to create a secure password? Our password finder can be found at the Password Generator page on the ReviverSoft site.

Happy secure browsing!

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