ReviverSoft Random Password Generator

Generate strong random passwords with our random password generator tool. The ReviverSoft Password Generator allows you to create secure random password that are hard to crack. Please select from the options below and click 'Generate Password(s)'.

Password Length (min 4 - max 64 chars)
Include Letters (ie. abcdefg)
Include Numbers (ie. 7b4de3g)
Use Special Characters (ie. 7b$c!9A#)
Use Mixed Case (ie. ABcDeFg)
Exclude similar characters (ie. 1,l,i,0,o)

Recommendation : please ensure that your password is at least 6 characters long, uses both letters and numbers, as well as mixed upper-case and lower-case. For even stronger passwords please select 'Use Special Characters' option. You can assess the strength of you password by using our password checker tool.

Hint : excluding similar characters helps users as it minimizes the chance of entering a wrong character. For example: number "one" and letter "l" or "zero" and upper-case "o" may look the same.

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