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Optimize Laptop Battery Life with Battery Optimizer

The team at ReviverSoft is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new product called Battery Optimizer.

Battery Optimizer is a brand new application that is designed to help laptop owners optimize laptop battery life by offering feedback on what laptop features a user can disable and how much extra battery life can be gained by doing so.

These days so many people are opting for a laptop over a desktop because of the mobility and freedom that can be achieved with a laptop. Gone are the days where laptops are significantly underpowered compared to desktops. But no matter how powerful your laptop is, it’s only good while the battery lasts! Battery Optimizer is here to help! Below we list just some of the cool features.

Get More Battery Life!

Your first step is to run a battery diagnostic. During the diagnostic Battery Optimizer analyzes all devices that you laptop has that have an effect on battery consumption and determines how much power they consume. This process can take between a couple to tens of minutes depending on how many devices your laptop has.

After running a diagnostic you are presented with your estimated battery life with your current settings and you are also shown your potential battery life if you are to complete all optimizations that Battery Optimizer recommends.

Your potential gain in battery life will depend on what hardware you currently have installed for your laptop and how well optimized the settings for that hardware is. For example, if you have WIFI, Bluetooth, InfraRed, and a plug in mouse on your laptop and you have them all turned on then your potential gain in battery life can be quit large.

After you have run the diagnostic and seen the results you can then click on ‘Optimize Battery Life’. This will take you to a screen where you will be shown all of the devices that are impacting your laptop’s battery life and you will be told how much time you can save on your battery life by turning each individual device off. This can come in very useful. Say you are in the library and you are trying to finish your paper while you are on a roll but your battery is about to die! Simple! Open Battery Optimizer and you can see that you can gain an extra 15 minutes by turning of WIFI and extra 10 minutes by disabling Bluetooth, but you need internet to keep researching your work so you know that turning of you Bluetooth is the best choice to get that extra bit of life out of your laptop.

Monitor You Battery Usage:

Battery Optimizer not only shows you ways to optimize your battery life for longest life, it also gives you the ability to monitor your battery usage over time.

The above screen is Battery Optimizer’s unique monitoring feature. The red line shows you your battery consumption in Milli-Watts over time and the grey line shows you your laptop’s battery charge over time. This is very useful if you have just started started running an application or have just adjusted some settings on your computer and you want to see how they impact your battery usage.

Create a Profile:

One of the most useful features of Battery Optimizer is the profiles feature. We understand that you want to use your computer differently in different situations. For example, on a bus you don’t care about internet or bluetooth or a plug in mouse so you can create a ‘Riding The Bus’ profile that automatically turns off all the features you don’t need. On the other hand, when you have your computer at home, plugged in on your desk you may want everything turned on so you can create a profile for that.

Set Up Alerts:

Another great feature of Battery Optimizer is tha ability to set up battery usage alerts. You can either be notified when your battery life drops below a self determined amount of minutes or when you battery usage increases by a certain percentage. This is very useful for people who want to customize the alerts they receive about their battery usage instead of just getting a warning when you battery is about to die.

Well we hope you like Battery Optimizer! It a revolutionary new product that is a first of its kind and we look forward to hearing what you think of it!

Download Battery Optimizer Here

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