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How to fix a Windows Blue Screen

If you have had a Blue Screen (also known as a BSoD, a Blue Screen of Death or a STOP error) on your computer recently you know how frustrating it can be. You are going about your normal tasks and then all of a sudden you see this full screen error message and you lose all of your work. Infuriating! Well the good news is that these problems can usually be fixed. The video below walks you through the nuances of a Blue Screen and how to fix them. Enjoy!

Video Transcript:

Hi, guys.

Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today I’m going to teach you how to fix a Blue Screen error on your computer. Now a Blue Screen error is the one that you’re seeing in front of you. It is a message that is displayed by Windows when it is trying to perform an action and is unable to, usually due to some kind of hardware conflict.

It will display this message. This message is not the same for every individual Blue Screen. There’s actually custom information on this screen that you should take note of, and then after the message is displayed it will shut down your computer, and the computer will then restart, and then hopefully you won’t get this message again, but you might continually see it happening.

Now, this message that you’re looking at it one that’s taken from Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7. In Windows 8 the error message looks something like this. It’s a lot different. It’s got less text. It’s a bit more friendly looking. They used a nicer front and a nicer color, and a frowny face, so it’s a little bit different, but still has some important information that you need to capture, and I’ll show you what information you need to capture right now.

We’re going back to the Windows 7 or Windows XP error message. You can see at the top of the error message, in this one in particular, there is a message that has all capitals and has underscores in it. This is the part you should take note of when you are looking at the Blue Screen, before it shuts down your computer. If you can, a good idea is to take a photograph of this screen, because you are unable to take a screen shot, because windows has shut down, so the function that takes screen shots is, also, shut down. So, grab your phone or grab your camera, take a photograph, so you don’t need to try and write this down. It’s a quick way to do it.

In this case the error message is driver IRQL not less or equal. Then in the Windows 8 error message, they actually display it a slightly different location. You can see it down at the bottom here. It’s how initialization failed.

What you do is you take this error message, and then you go to a tool that we have created, and the URL is displayed directly down below, or you can go to Now, I’ll just type that in, if I can type.
This takes you to this really useful and friendly page, which shows you where to look for the error message, and then gives you a box in which you can type in the error message. Now, there are types here for the different versions of Windows that you’re using. So, if you’re using Windows XP, it will show you where to look for the error message, and then point you to the box to click on. I’m using Windows 8, so I will go to the Windows 8 tab, and then as soon as you start typing in here, it will find all the different error messages that match what you’re typing, and you just need to select the one that you have seen in your computer. Select it. Click on the button see solution, and then you are taken to an in depth article that we’ve written that tells you how to fix the specific Blue Screen that you are seeing on your computer.

So, that’s a pretty simple way of doing it. The details of how to fix all the different Blue Screens differ, depending on the Blue Screen that you’re seeing, because the cause of the problem is different. But if you have any trouble with any of the solutions that we’ve provided, please leave a comment in the article. The comments are always down at the bottom.
Hope that I’ve helped you today with your problem, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in a future ReviverSoft video.

Thanks very much.

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