How to Fix MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen


STOP Code: 0x0000001A

If this is the first time you’ve seen something like this, congratulations — you’ve encountered the infamous Blue Screen of Death, and we’re here to help.

A Guide to the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen of Death Error
This error on Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows.
A photograph of this error on Windows 10.
A Blue Screen of Death occurs when your computer encounters something it can’t process, and the name it tosses up is gathered from what it can figure out, which is usually fairly accurate and leads to you solving your problem. If your computer has been rendered unusable by the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error, you’re going to want to check and replace your RAM (Random Access Memory). If you’re using a desktop, this should be easy — power off your computer, open up your case, remove your RAM sticks, and pop in new ones. (Be sure to make sure they’re compatible and inserted properly — RAM displacement could actually cause this problem, too!)

If that doesn’t work or you’re using a laptop, the problem may be more severe. Your CPU could be placed in the slot improperly, damaged or downright defective — if you’re a desktop user that knows what you’re doing, you can check it out. Otherwise, contact your manufacturer for either a refund or repairs.

Here are some handy tips

If your computer is usable, but is constantly plagued with this MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSoD, give these a try:

  • Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Click on Start, type in mdsched.exe and allow the tool to check your computer memory (RAM) for problems.
  • Update your BIOS and drivers. BIOS updates can be found on your manufacturer’s website, and driver updates can either be done manually through Device Manager (use Start Search to find it) or with our Driver Reviver software.
  • Check for viruses with your preferred antivirus software or Malwarebytes.
  • Check and Repair Windows System Files. Use sfc /scannow.
  • If on a laptop, change power settings to High Performance.
  • If this problem occurs shortly after installing a new program, remove that program right away.

If all that doesn’t work, call up for a replacement or repair. You’ve done your part.

Good luck!

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  • wolli

    Well, that CPU theory is pretty dang unlikely. Suddenly placed “improperly” in the socket? Probably not.

    What might be the case though, is overclocking issues or issues with the disk acting as virtual memory, for example an SSD with murky firmware, or a HDD that’s starting to malfunction. Stuff that happens at least a 100 times more often than the CPU going “downright defective”.

  • Faezah Halim

    Hello Mr Steve Horton,
    I seems to faced this problem very often since I bought my Lenovo laptop last year in march 2013.
    I haven’t upgrade the window to 8.1 version yet.
    FYI, the BSOD of memory_management is often pop up when I play videos in youtube channel,or playing fb games. Well I play that a lot though :p

    I have done the sfc /scannow and the outcome is in the image below.
    Can u help me figure this out?

    Thanks in advance

  • Deo Graphics

    Hey this has never happened before and it just happened today! I was doing a bunch of rendering in premiere, could this have caused it? It hasnt happened for a few hours…

  • ic3cube

    for %1 in (%windir%system32*.dll) do regsvr32.exe /s %1

  • I’m not an expert but besides Premiere sucking cause it’s adobe, if your computer isn’t built with lots of memory and decent graphics, rendering can cause it to crash, i don’t know why.

  • I got this for the first time today. I put a new 8GB RAM in about 5 days ago. I’d check the BIOS for setting things up to run it (which no issues till now) but on the HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC i can’t seem to see a god damn BIOS when i hit F10. The only time it occurs is when i try to log into the game screen of a Browser based online game that i am on daily… Now i can’t seem to get on it.

  • Дэнчик

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  • georgesteele

    New memory strongly implicates the memory that was added; with an existing system, it more likely is memory DIMMs (the boards with the memory chips on them) walking out of their sockets from expansion and contraction over time as the computer heats up and cools down. I would suggest that you simply open the computer and reseat the memory (remove, replace – do it a few times so that the contact wiping surfaces get cleared of oxide, dust, etc.) and then observe the result. Memory that works rarely goes bad unless there has been a transient shock to the motherboard from a power anomaly. In that case, many other components may have been damaged as well – which is why you should always be downstream of a working high quality AC surge and spike protector. Memory can go bad, but much more rarely than connectors getting noisy from contamination.

  • Ivory

    I just bought a brand new set of memory so how it could be the memory? I had a set of memory before I got new ones and they were I know was bad because my computer would get a black screen. These new ones are not getting black screens just the memory management error and this only happen once so far. Every since I installed a new copy of windows 7 on my ssd it has been acting weird every since. I can’t install anything without getting errors and with the drivers. I tried to run sfc/scannow and it failed at 8% point so that didn’t work out and even in safe mode same thing. My graphics card is not being detected in device manager and I know in the bios my onboard graphics are disabled so I’m confused there and I just don’t know what it is. Everything in device manager is good except the chipset drivers and I tried manually installing the drivers from gigabyte website but for some reason it can’t install so I don’t know what the problem is.

  • Joseph Oliveira

    bottle necking.

  • this is actually good

  • flerpie

    compatibility ALWAYS look if ram is compatible with your system

  • Salim Naaman

    lel i just wrecked my pc and it works…haha

  • fux fuxiarz

    co za badziew, jK Mm urochomic diagnostyke jak system nie wstaje kurwa mać

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