A Guide to the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE Blue Screen of Death


If you’ve arrived at this article, it’s because you’ve encountered a Blue Screen of Death — or, for short, BSoD. Despite the name, a BSoD doesn’t mean that your computer is broken beyond repair — it just means it encountered something that it didn’t know how to interpret. Sometimes you never encounter the problem again, but other times it persists, possibly even to the point where you can’t use your computer. Since you took the care to document your error, we’re likely dealing with the latter, so here we go.

What your BSOD looked like on Pre-Windows 8 systems.

What it resembles on Windows 8.


This particular Blue Screen, DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (also known as 0x0000009F), is (usually) encountered due to driver errors encountered when, say, you put your computer to sleep or take it out of sleep. Drivers are instructions given by your device to tell your computer how to interact with them — your keyboard’s driver is what registers the keys you tap as letters to appear on your screen. Drivers are for peripherals and nearly every part of your computer. The motherboard, however, has a BIOS, which is just as important to keep updated as your device drivers.


If on a laptop, find the name of your laptop and the appropriate BIOS update for it. If on a desktop, find your model or look at the packaging of your motherboard to determine where you can find the manufacturer’s website and upgrade your BIOS. If your BIOS is fully upgraded or updating it didn’t fix your problem, continue reading.

For driver updates, you have three choices: use the Device Manager, found in the Control Panel in all versions of Windows, and individually update your drivers from there. You can also search online manually for your driver updates or use our Driver Reviver software to save yourself the trouble.

If upgrading the BIOS and drivers still hasn’t resolved your problem, then there may very well be a problem with your operating system installation (especially if you’re using Windows 8) or the hardware itself.

To fix these problems, consult Microsoft’s tech support, visit a local computer repair shop, or call your computer manufacturer to learn more information about possibly faulty hardware.

  • Diego Martins

    Thank U

  • Fenix Paulo


  • Michelle Gratzer Neuman

    Help! I cannot even get to my device manager. After the blue screen, it takes me to the black repair screen. Neither of those options work, so it just goes back to the BSoD.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Try booting into safe mode:


    Then go to the control panel and either roll back or update your driver, depending on your situation.


  • Michelle Gratzer Neuman

    I did try that, but it reverted by to the BSoD. I will try again and let you know. Tell me exactly how to get to safe mode screen. I think I got there with F8.

  • I put a link in my comment to an article that shows you how.

    Here it is again:


  • We have an article here that explains what you need to do. Here is the link:


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi DeRosset,

    While your experience is an isolated incident, it really shouldn’t be happening. So, I would say that you want to be able to resolve it so it doesn’t become a bigger problem. I would recommend looking at updating your drivers first, then if this doesn’t fix your issue, look to do a Bios update. You want your computer running at it’s best so dealing with these issues before they become bigger problems are always highly recommended.

  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi there –

    I did a quick search and found this on the Dell website for the Inspiron N5010:

    You will see your current BIOS version (A10) listed if you click on the link for “previous versions”. Given the information you provied, and the Dell Link I posted, you should be set. Please be sure to backup any important files you have just in case something does go awry. I hope you are backing up anyway :) but definitely when you are performing a task like a BIOS update you want to absolutely ensure you have all the protection mechanisms in place to get you back up and running quickly in the event of some unexpected outcome. Let me know how you go!

  • DeRosset

    Thanks. I think I’ll wait until I get back home so I’ll have access to my external hard drive. I can’t promise this will work because I think I tried and failed to boot from a CD or flash drive before. I’ll let you know how it works out though.
    And if you ever happen to catch me considering buying anything from Dell ever again, would you please remind me just how horrible an idea that is? ;)
    That’s not some backhanded response to the link you provided, I’ve just had a lot of trouble with Dell.

  • Davide De Vellis

    Ha. Good luck with it.
    It’s really interesting how an experience can tarnish a brand for ever. I went from a Dell to a Samsung and lasted on the new laptop for about 6 months before going back to a Dell. Not that I am specifically a Dell advocate, but I can tell you after my experience with Samsung I will be thinking twice about going back there (I love their phones though :)). Good luck again and let me know how you get on.

  • DeRosset

    It’s not just one experience. I’ve had other troubles with this computer and Dell itself. Alright, you might think this is silly, but it really got under my skin when customer service kept trying to push a warranty membership on me when I just wanted help in my existing one. I also don’t like Michael Dell himself … and I’d better stop there. You’re helping me out and I don’t want to risk tarnishing this relationship. I may have said too much already. I’ve accidentally burned some bridges in the past already. Thanks for warning me about Samsung though. I think next time I’ll try Asus like my sister suggested.

  • Bryn

    Asus? That’s why I’m here … I have a brand new Asus hybrid (transformer T100) and it’s giving me the driver power state failure story…

  • mrs brown

    bought a hp laptop last week keeps updating has done a bios update and today i had blue screen, is this right or should i take laptop back????

  • thelastdisciple

    I just saw this error come up only my laptop while idle all of a sudden, it wasn’t coming out of a sleep state or going in to one… :/

  • xravishx

    I have two Windows 8 computers and have had this error happen on both computers. On one, my fiance’s, it was happening and I had no idea why. It would wake up from sleep and BSoD every time. Then, sometime later, I get it into my head that I don’t like the monitor on my computer and swap. Oddly enough the error has not appeared on her computer and has since infected mine! Obviously, the monitor is at fault somehow. So, all you folks that might have this issue might look into your monitor as the culprit.

  • FckReviversoft


  • Richie Cruz

    This happened to me in my Surface RT tablet. :o

  • shiv

    I use a SONY VAIO with Windows 8. This Driver Power State Failure and BSOD comes up occasionally. It just goes on restart and all becomes normal except for the sound that works fine if some music is playing continuously else the sound vanishes if tried to start something later. Also, while putting on charge or when the battery takes over due to power failure, this damned BSOD rears up. SONY VAIO care, self heal or running maintenance or troubleshooting does not show any problem at all.

  • Ahmad

    I have HP PC Win 7 I’m experince same error and I couldn’t update the drivers.. Win Update always give failure messages

  • plumbob1

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1JQ running Windows 8.1.
    As soon as I plug a ZTE MF 730M dongle from 3 network into my laptop I get a blue screen and message Your computer has run into a problem and needs to restart. Collecting information.
    ZTE have replaced the dongle but still the same problem.
    If I put the sim card into an old dongle it works ok.
    Any ideas please?

  • Jake Furbeck

    hello this just happened to me minutes ago and i’m worried. This is the very first time this has happened to me so i don’t know if it will become persistent or not. Is this something to be worried about or will it become common?

  • Chelsea

    Hi, I have a surface pro 3 and got a Digitus USB 3.0 powered hub to plug in so I can transfer things between external hard drives. When I plug in the hub my laptop comes up with the blue screen and Drive_Power_State_Failure. Is this a compatibility issue or can I fix the issue and make it work? Thanks for your help.

  • Liquel

    please help i’ve been encountering this problem since yesterday(my laptop is lenovo ideapads410p) and i cant open my laptop anymore the cycle of restaring because of driver power state failure is keep on going and i dont know what to do since i cant restart the laptop. the shift +f8 is not working to restart he laptop

  • Farooq Hameed

    I was having the same problem. I uninstalled the drivers one by one using device manager and scanned for hardware changes. The drivers got reinstalled.
    And the problem was solved. PC was Asus and OS windows 8.1

  • MichaelMM

    I have had the same problem with both Windows 7 and Windows 10 on my PC. Searching online, looks like the bios for my ASRock motherboard (I have the latest version) supports 32bit o/s only and not 64bit (which windows 7 and 10 are) even those it has 64 bit CPU’s in it, sadly I will have to disable the sleep function (or get a new mother board (although it’s only 4 years old)

  • DeRosset

    Well I guess no computer is perfect.

  • Fyl

    Ban all frickin half-baked, half-bricked windows-default power saving options (gotta go through various parts & peripherals’ settings and forbid em to power down; ie, wifi cards, usb ports, etc)

    …but what about battery times, you’ll ask? Uninstall the bloatware or find ways to disable it. Itll more than make up for it all. Crud like vaio update (insert other brand name, lol, same all) and nvidia driver updaters often hog more resources than ALL necessary windows processes, combined..,, EACH of them.

    Needless to say, give adobe updaters the axe and *try* to disable antivirus & updates if possible (microsoft really makes that a chore, fighting you each step of the way). What of viruses? Well… Norton, Kaspersky, et all ARE the biggest nastest viruses out there. To avoid infection with others, just use a rare browser like Avant (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox etc are like sharing needles, so full of holes)

  • Death Master

    Not really m8… cracked their program and i fixed BSOD of my O2 UK 3G

  • Jay

    I just recently ran into this issue upgrading my HP all in one pc from windows 8 to 10. Never had this BSOD issue until upgrade. It would normally happen with me if I had Edge open. It would happen about 6 times a day. I went into control panel and check power option and saw it was set to Energy Star qualified. I switched it to High performance and I can’t get the BSOD to come up no matter what I do. Hope this help out others.

  • dood

    I can’t upgrade my BIOS, because this is a replacement from last time I tried a BIOS Update. Any more tips?

  • Kamodi

    updatung my laptop bios fixed the problem thanks alot

  • toni saade

    it happens when iam using inventor or autocad ……..

  • franklin

    amigos a mi este error lo logre erradicar de mi sistema windows xp ya que el el momento que me lo dio fue cuando configure el volcado de la memoria del nucleo o memoria completa, ya cuando la coloque en: VOLCADO DE MEMORIA PEQUEÑA 64(BITS) se resolvio el problema de

    Driver Power State Failure

  • franklin


  • Soraya Gonçalves Guadix

    Por favor este é um site americano???
    Como e se é possível fazer perguntas e se tipo o ReviverSoft é compatível com o português/Braisl???
    Agradeço e aguardo resposta.
    Meu e-mail: soraya@guadix.com.br

  • Kirill Shmakov

    I’ve got an updated BIOS.
    But I need to do my drivers update for the graphic and LAN.
    So far I got my Intel Driver updated.
    Had this issue occurring too.
    Going to update all drivers update and check how it goes in the process.
    I don’t have any viruses. Fully protected so I guess I just need to update all the drivers in my personal computer. But the way I am using a Samsung brand.

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