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Use an Ad Blocker to Remove the Threat of Malware

Use an Ad Blocker to Remove the Threat of Malware

While an antivirus can effectively remove current threats to your computer’s health, viruses and malware can still multiply, the more you inadvertently explore risky websites. Many antivirus software applications can prevent intrusion attempts and certain viruses if ads pop up, but there’s an even better way to ensure ads don’t trouble you at all: an ad blocker.

Use an Ad Blocker to Remove the Threat of Malware
The difference between not having an ad blocker versus Google Chrome’s ad blocker on a typical webpage.

The Purpose of Ad Blockers

Not only can pop-up ads become annoying when exploring your favorite sites, but they can also carry with them malware and other security threats that can be detrimental to the computer. Ad blockers can both rid the computer of these threats and the annoyances that go along with them.

Ad blockers are extremely simple to install, with a simple Google search for ad blockers liable to turn up with search results that are trustworthy. All it can take is locating an ad blocker add-on/plug-in that can be installed into your browser with the click of a button. Be careful when selecting an ad blocker, though; it’s good to check what website you’ll be downloading from and to read user reviews for its legitimacy. Sure enough, there could be many forms of viruses or malware looking to dupe people into downloading what they think will be ad blockers, until it’s too late.

One benefit to having an effective ad blocker is the fact that pages will take half as long to load. Pages can normally load even more slowly after malware builds up. Certain ad blockers can even work to prevent ads from appearing in online videos, on sites like YouTube. So, your computer will be safe as well as relieved of ads taking up unnecessary page space, and the time it takes to view web videos and other media will be shorter.

Downloading an Ad Blocker

When searching for the ad blocker that’s right for you, keep in mind the one that you download should be compatible with the browsers you use. A site that caters to apps for your browser can most likely be trusted, but beware of less trustworthy sites looking to infect the PC.

Sites to download ad blockers usually allow for one-button installation. Google Chrome’s, for instance takes one click to install its ad blocker, with a button to modify the application conveniently located next to the address bar. Newer editions of Internet Explorer also offer solid ad blockers that can prevent ads from loading on any site and protect from malware.

Use an Ad Blocker to Remove the Threat of Malware
Many ad block add-ons like this one are easy to access and modify as an extension within the browser.

Many sites complain that ad blockers can limit revenue for those gaining shared income from ads displayed, but it can be hard to tell which sites are out to harm the computer versus those that are legitimate. Certain video uploaders on Youtube and other sites can pay to have ads displayed on their videos, which get them a certain level of revenue based on the amounts of views the ads receive. Eliminating these ads from the browser can mean the uploader doesn’t gain from them, and certain website owners can also lose income when ads are omitted from news articles or blogs.

In spite of this minor downside, having a blocker for pesky advertisements is a good idea and can simply be turned off for sites you trust and know are legitimate. A decent ad block system means no more fear when browsing.

Steve Horton

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