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Best Ad Blocker for Chrome & Edge

Did you know that the creator of the pop-up ads previously had to apologize for what he designed publicly? Pop-up ads are considered to be the worst and the most hated forms of online ads to ever exist. Pop-ups and other forms of ads have always been the center of public hate. Little did he know that corporate companies would use his code to push so many advertisements into our minds every day. Not only are ads annoying but they take up unnecessary data and also make our devices slow. Especially when you simply can’t escape them, and one wrong click can send you to their site immediately. Also, those creepy marketing stunts stalk you on every website you visit.

The Actual Problem (Ads)

Autoplaying videos are a nightmare to come across. Half the time we don’t even know what to do with them so we just sit and wait. The other half, we are usually with friends, and it gets embarrassing to wait till we can skip them. When we wish to read the news, there are more ads on the site than actual content to read. With each day, marketers are trying to gain better and better ways to serve you more and more ads that are just plain annoying.

Browsers are no better either. The ad blockers most browsers provide don’t really stop the trackers, nor do they make our experience much peaceful. In fact, most of the free ad blockers have a backdoor where companies can pay to be allowed access to your device! What’s even the point of having such ad blocks anyway?

So, most people try to take multiple ad blocks to try and control these online ads. The problem is that your internet is drained like never before and your device performance becomes dull due to the apps taking up most of the processing power. Different browsers have different requirements, and they cause troubles when you actually want to use your browser.

The Saving Solution: Ad Remover

In light of all these problems, Ad Remover is one solution that has shown some promise to be able to make your online experience much better. It increase your page load speed by 44% so that you can enjoy faster speed.

Ad Remover

Ad Remover is able to block websites from creating ad server calls and also from making location cookie server calls. This makes it ideal for your internet experience to be as ad-free as possible. With no location analysis to be made on you, marketers have no clue in deciding what kinds of ads to project on you. Therefore, it discourages them from viewing you as a potential customer, which you never would be anyway. Without ad server calls, your webpage can no longer be cluttered with so much viewing space going to ads, but all your information would fit onto the screen perfectly. This would make the whole experience seamless and easy to function.

Benefits Of Ad Remover

The Ad Remover extension has many benefits. The extension even has an easy-to-use interface to let you see in real-time just how many ads you’ve successfully blocked instantaneously. Spoiler alert! It’s a lot. And if you’re still on the fence thinking if you really want to take it, Ad remover also comes in the form of a free trial for a whole seven days! Simply install it with one click to see a world of zero ads and seamless internet.

Blocks All Type of Ads

Ad Remover blocks all types of ads. Every last one of them. As we said, some ads slip past your old free adblocker by paying the company to allow them backchannel access to do so. AdRemover isn’t your old adblocker. There is no way for any ad agencies to have a backdoor to serve ads to users. It’s a 100% seamless ad-free internet experience.

You’d think, for someone to not take the money and give you a better experience, they’d have to cut corners somewhere, right? You couldn’t have been more wrong. The UI is so simple and user-friendly, you’d question how it could be so affordable and best in class at the same time! Ad remover’s UI is simple and easy to use right now, and it’s going to be that way for lifetime.

Great Customer Support

If that wasn’t incentive enough, they even have great customer support to help you with whatever problems you might have for as long as you choose the extension for your Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers. You can use the phone, chat, or email option to contact customer support.

Ad Remover promises a 19% data saving per page you visit. You get VIP 7 days a week phone support for your queries. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well! What’s best is that you get a total of five licenses in one package. Therefore, you can either have it on multiple devices or just share it with your family and friends.


Ads always have and always have been a prick in your feet and promise to always remain as such. Ad blockers are mankind’s last line of defense to save itself from the annoyance and humiliation they cause so much. But you can’t take just any ad blocks as most of them do respond to your specific needs and requirements. So, Ad Remover is the only solution you can take to tackle those annoying ads. Have a seamless internet experience and enjoy it to the fullest with Ad Remover!

Get your 7 days free trial today and explore the difference.

Ad Remover
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