Are you having issues with your time settings in Windows 8?

Many of you have already made the switch to Windows 8. As always we love to hear your feedback about what you think (please leave a comment in this article). I upgraded to Windows 8 on the release date (October 26), taking advantage of the upgrade promotion. The upgrade for me was extremely smooth and so far I have only nice things to say about my experience with Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, except for one small bug that I had.

Every time I booted up my computer and went into the Desktop my clock time was wrong, even when I had corrected it the day before. The time was always 7 hours ahead of the actual time even though my time zone was correctly set to PST. Not a hard thing to adjust but annoying to have to do it every time I start my computer.

Now I have spoken to other people using Windows 8 and they have not experienced the same problem but I experienced it 3 days in a row until I found a fix. Today I discovered it seems to be a problem with “Internet Time’ settings. If you are experiencing the same thing, here is how I fixed the problem.

1. Click on the time/date area in the Windows desktop task bar.

2. Click ‘Change date and time settings…’

3. Go to the ‘Internet Time’ tab and click ‘Change Settings’

4. By default my ‘Server’ that was selected was ‘’. I changed the server to ‘’ which is an alternative Internet Time Service (ITS).

After I made this change my clock time showed correctly and continued to work upon restarting the computer. I am unsure if there is a short term issue with the Microsoft service, but that one seems to be configured on GMT rather than PST for my computer.

For those of you that experienced this same issue, I hope this helps you!



  • Benjamin Colby

    Thanks so much! You’re a life safer. 

  • Jeff

    Every time I boot since installing Win8, my clock is off by a few hours. Sometimes one, sometimes three or four. If I update the time using the ‘update now’ button, it corrects it but obviously this is not something I want to do every day. In Win 7 (dual boot) the time is always correct.

  • reviversoft

    Hi Jeff,
    This is a recurring bug with Windows 8 that doesn’t have a fix yet. For now, you’ll be needing to reset your clock periodically. Sorry about that!


  • Bill

    I’ll try it. Every time I boot up, it’s like the clock stopped at the time that i shut it down.

  • Abe Burnett

    Apparently, this is an ongoing bug. I’ve recently started having this problem in my Windows 8 laptop after re-installing Windows 8. It’s really annoying!

  • Blue

    Mine shows the correct time (Arizona time) BUT it shows the wrong date. When I go in and change it to the correct date (windows 8 insists that it is a day later than it really is) then some of my programs (like Netflix streaming) will not work because I get an error message saying that the date is wrong and will not let me stream until I set it back to the incorrect date. I honestly can say that I totally detest this OS for many reasons. I would have bought an apple product if I had known how unstable windows 8 was.

  • I would you recommend the ‘Refresh Setting’ feature in Windows 8. See the screenshot here:

    This is from the Computer Settings screen. It will refresh Windows 8 and hopefully will affect the settings for time that you are having trouble with.

  • Bipin Tripathi

    Thank you mate. A relief!!

  • Glad to hear it Nancy!

  • Any permanent solution to this bug? My Windows 8 install will not keep the correct time set. Every time I reboot I have to fix the clock. Then every few hours even while it’s running, the clock changes on me again. It’s driving me crazy, and I’m afraid all of the time stamps on my files and backups are going to be incorrect.

  • Hi Mate. I think this problem has to do with an outdated BIOS driver. We had a Mac here in the office that was running Windows 8 and had this same problem you are explaining. Apple released a new version of Bootcamp as well as new drivers and after updating those two things the problem went away. Very annoying problem! Most annoying part for me was All my Skype messages would get time stamped at the time in the future and then when I reset the clock to the right time my new messages would show up in the middle of the conversations because they were posted at an earlier time :(

  • Viplove

    Thanks a lot!!

  • EEE

    My issue is I can’t even open up the menu for adjusting date/time. Not at the bottom right of the screen nor at control panel. Anyway to fix this?

  • Hi,

    What happens when you try to open it?

  • Sri

    Thanks for the solution

  • Mark, thanks for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately, this problem persists for me. Windows 8 will not keep the correct time if I set things to GMT. I’ve verified I’m using the latest BIOS from my vendor, which is a high end ASUS motherboard. So for now I’ve decided to just keep my computer clock set to local time.

  • Diego Guerrero

    Thanks. I had the same problem.

  • Ryan Zulqudsie

    Thanks a lot! It helps me so much!

  • Guest

    Thanks :)
    Hats Off to you!

  • Jervie Pangilinan Anicete

    Woah yeah! tnx :)

  • funkdified

    AHH WHY!!!

  • Kim

    Thank you, always appreciate the quick fixes.

  • trusktr

    Timestamps are probably in UTC, so it doesn’t matter what time your desktop clock shows. UTC is standard world wide, and your log viewer app will display log times based on your current time zone and the recorded UTC timestamp.

  • aryan

    its still wrong after update :((

  • Which update did you do?

  • Hola,

    No entiendo su problema. Es el tiempo de corregirse al sincronizar la hora con la hora de Internet?

  • David

    I am using Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Windows 8.1 tablet date and time is always wrong. I talk to Samsung support and they told me to run the updates from Samsung, including BIOS update and I am still having the same problem. I think it’s Microsoft’s issue.

  • Julie

    Awesome! That was exactly my problem and it fixed it. Thanks for posting!

  • onespeedbiker

    I had the same problem with my computer, but only 1 hour in the furture. I executed your fix, but in reverse; to This fixed the problem. Thanks!

  • Tristen

    just changed mine so see what happens…FYI mine was set at and was gaining 3 days on boot up !?!?!

  • Ili

    Thank you very much for sharing this :) It worked perfectly^^

  • James Confue

    Worked straight away. Many thanks!

  • Deb

    I have this happening on three seperate Samsung smartpc 500T after I upgraded them to Windows 8.1…I have changed the internet time but the fix does not last. I keep finding that they (all three PC) will jump to some time in the future never consistant but never in the past either….

  • Francisco Neto

    Se o horário fica errado toda vez que vc reinicia sua máquina então o problema é da bateira da sua motherboard (caso seu computador seja um desktop).

  • Federico Esposito

    thank you very much :)

  • Ka Ho Tam

    I have the same problem with 500T! And after clicking on “Change Date and Time Settings”, the window with titled “date and time” closes after fractions of a second which prevents me from clicking on sync time!

  • I did a clean install and since it’s been happening it was fine last instillation, but this time I did more updates at once. I’ll reapply my MB bios even though it’s the latest. Maybe I updated the bios before windows caught up. I do as you describe and 2 hours later it’s wrong again. :(

  • LLan

    es nefasto ralentoza el pc, quiero w7 y si no me creen hagan la prueba yo tengo un pc con peor procesadro y carcteristicas pero con w7 y uno nuevo con mas memoria ram , con mejor procesadro etc pero tengo la desgracia de que al ser nuevo trae w8, bien pues no solo tarda mas en arrancar sino que ademas si con todo cerrado en ambos , abro el administrador de tareas, el consumo de cpu en el ue tiene w7 oscila entre 0% y 5%, lo cual es logico porque no estoy haciendo practicamente nada, y en el pc mejor pero w8 el consumo de cpu es entre 20% y 53% solo por tener el administrador de tareas abierto…prueben y veran

  • LLan

    yo no puedo cambiar la configuracion de hora, que pos supuesto esta mal, porque me dice que no tengo permisos que consulte con el administrador y resulta que la unica cuenta de usuario que hay es la mia ypor supuesto soy el administraodr y a cuenta de usuario tiene esa categoria. entonces que pasa? que hago? ayuda por favor

  • Yvon Pilote

    I have been having the same problem since I upgraded to Windows 8. I however noticed that this situation arises every time I play Casino Games from Wild Tangent. It does not happens with other programs (not that I have noticed). In my case, I am on the US/Canada Eastern time and my clock switches back between 3 to 6 hours after I play the slots machines. I keep re-adjusting the time to the proper time zone.

  • Layla Fayaati

    Thank you very much. It was really very time consuming to set the time every time you log in. Thanks for this advice.

  • Katrin Shechtman

    Thank you! It worked like a charm.

  • Go to the Asus forums the fix is there, I posted it here but they blocked it as I was giving it to multiple people.
    Your issue is most likely frozen clock in BIOS. Go into your BIOS and check to see if the seconds are moving.
    Then go to the ASUS ROG forums and your find the fix, you have to reset the CMOS restore defaults.
    Good Luck mate ;)

  • Those USING ASUS check if your Clock is moving in the BIOS it could be frozen it’s a known ASUS bug, go to ASUS ROG forums and they have the fix in their sticky section right at the top :)

  • Grown9x9

    I have the same problem and this is not a permanent fix.

  • David

    Hey mark, i just want to say thank you. I got myself a brand new Lenovo tab 2 and it was giving me the same exact issues, and no one had the answer until i stumbled on yours. This immediatley fixed my issue. Thanks again.

  • Anthony Damiano

    Have you resolved the problem? I have same problem with Samsung ATIV Tab 5. Can work fine for a day or two, then jumps to a future day. Can jump ahead from sleep mode or a cold boot. I’ve been searching for a solution for about two months to no avail.

  • Alen Rappettone

    Grazie mille la data è tornata quella normale :D
    Io avevo portato la data in avanti sul BIOS per aggirare un programmino, cio mi ha causato molti problemi tra cui la scadenza del mio antivirus appena comprato e mi dava sempre errori di certificati su qualsiasi browers… questi due problemi persistono qualcuno saprebbe aiutarmi? :/

  • Tina

    thank you sooooooooo much your my new hero :)

  • I just upgraded to 8.1 from 7 and had this issue… That’s pretty sad considering how long it has been since this fix was posted.

    The fix worked perfectly though, thanks!

  • Brian Kirking

    This worked when nothing else did. Thanks.

  • Justin Goldman

    Thanks! Helped me.

  • lozohcum

    Mi nadal zmienia godzine o 2 do tyłu. Mimo, że ustawiłem prawidłowy serwer do aktualizacji czasu, w biosie też poprawiałem

  • Matheus Albuquerque

    Thank you very much, worked very well! The issue was present on my Windows 8.1

  • Kristy

    Thanks! It helped!

  • Guilherme Fiorin

    resolveu meu problema. obrigado

  • Donna

    Aaah, thank you! This was driving me nuts…and I’m on GMT, but it was still an hour out.

  • Ingrid Patacsil

    wow! super helpful! been really annoyed with my clock lately. thanks so much!! :D

  • Michael

    Wondering if this is still active. I have tried all 5 servers available and even a 6th different one that was suggested at one website. They all seem to work the first hour but then all of a sudden stops syncing.

    After switching server i cannot use said server again, and have to move on to the next one. With only 5 to choose from, I am now out of options.

    What to do?

  • Jean Carlos Lopez


  • sandeep

    thanks man..helpful

  • Jen

    Thanks! I can’t believe this is still a problem 2 years later… I have the latest updates and a brand new computer, and still my clock was stuck 7 hours in the future.

  • Peter Robins


  • Steve TMQ

    I have the right settings but every time I turn on the clock is wrong even though the BIOS is right. I have to open the “Change date time”->”Internet Time” -> “Change Settings” and do a “Update now” EVERY TIME

  • ron w

    thx mark – it works! now i got correct time sat 1pm rather than sun 2pm – yeah!!!

  • loupgarous

    I have a variation on the problem you described. My taskbar clock’s showing 11:52 am, but when I click Date and Time, it shows the system set to the correct time. Synchronizing with NIST hasn’t helped.

  • Rami

    This helped. This was a really annoying issue. thanks!

  • Raymond Marshall

    did not work i have to change back and forth between the two every day seems like my clock looses time over the day even when its on…it wont update

  • Piya Sharma

    It did help me as well. Thanks so much Mark.

  • Clear

    My windows 8 computer which I recently updated to windows 10 is set to the Canada Atlantic time (-4:00) because I’m retarded and thought it was my actual time, Eastern US Canada (-5:00) and whenever I try to change it is says

    “Unable to continue

    You did not have permission to perform this task. Please contact your computer administrator for help.”

    I have no clue what to do

  • Hannah

    Perfect, what an easy fix! Thank you!

  • iSwaaG EXTREME

    obrigado eu ia todo dia atrasado pra faculdade ‘_’

  • Miguel Duarte Luthier

    Funcionó de inmediato. Genial.

  • Devary Shmaya-Smart

    awesome! thanks. this was driving me nuts

  • peterincumbria

    Thanks same on win 10

  • Fer Palma

    Me Funciono!!!

  • Bruce Wayne

    works for about 4min then its the wrong time again. I have to update it all teh time

  • DianeZee

    I know you wrote this years ago but wow, I’ve just got to thank you for helping with the time zone problem. I was having major computer problems this week, so I reformatted it back to the original settings and, for some reason, the time zone wasn’t correct. Yours was an easy fix. Thank you!

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