Ние се стремим да локализираме нашия сайт в колкото се може повече езици, колкото е възможно, но тази страница в момента е машина за превод, използвайки Google Translate. близо

Девет стъпки, след които Вашият стар компютър започва да работи като нов!Nine Steps to Making Your Old PC Run Like New!

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  • Doll

    Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.

  • You’re welcome! Keep reading!

  • Paul Garatt

    Thanks, Steve! After years of spending money and TIME (lots of it) Registry Reviver seems to be the best solution, i.e. a computer program that can do a complete and thorough job of cleaning up the mess created over the months by programmers with good intentions (I hope) and, unfortunately, lesser skills than needed. Paul

  • Hi Paul,
    Be sure and let us know your results when using Registry Reviver! We’re confident it will help you optimize and clean your PC and help you feel better about the machine you already own.


  • Ricardo

    Thanks very much Reviver Soft lot of important skill in computer meantenace…..

  • reviversoft

    Thanks, Ricardo! Keep reading!

  • davee44

    Fantastic tutorial , excellent that you can stop and go back. I wish learning everything was like this on the Internet. You are well spoke and Top notch!

  • Chris Windley

    Very useful article – thank you !!


    i cant update windows. it says the service is running and u need to restart. please find a solution for this

  • Can you please post a screenshot?

  • Or find an alternative that does all of the above for you, for the same price or less. You really do get what you pay for!

  • Steve absolutely brilliant! Love the multitude of videos to help people. I learn more from video instruction than just reading. Great resource, bookmarked for future reference. :)

  • Glad you liked it Andrew

  • Adrian Bensi

    it takes long time to connect wireless network on start up almost 3 minutes, can u help me

  • αγγελος σαλονικα

    just restart the pc…dumbass

  • Daniel Waleczek

    You need help with translate text in polish?

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Security Reviver
Бързо и безопасно премахване на заплахите за сигурността, да ги предпази от повторна поява и пазят Вашия компютър защитени.
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