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.bci 文件擴展名

開發商: Belarc
文件類型: Belarc Advisor Report File
你在這裡因為你有,有一個文件擴展名結尾的文件 .bci. 文件與文件擴展名 .bci 只能通過特定的應用程序推出。這有可能是 .bci 文件是數據文件,而不是文件或媒體,這意味著他們並不是在所有觀看。

什麼是一 .bci 文件?

文件與.bci擴展可以使用與基於Microsoft Windows的系統的計算機的用戶開發的任何標準Web瀏覽器應用程序中打開。在BCI格式是由Belarc公司開發的報告文件的Belarc公司顧問的程序。這些報告文件也被歸類為存儲在創建並保存在一個文件中的內容的,因為數據文件.bci使用Belarc公司顧問應用程序的格式。當然,BCI文件可以使用Belarc公司顧問軟件,用於提供有關計算機的,其中該軟件被用來生成報告的diferent硬件組件的特定細節和信息的節目被打開。有關系統中安裝的應用程序,包括設備驅動程序軟件,其他部分像互聯網安全中心的基準細節和失踪的Microsoft Windows修補程序信息中詳細信息存儲在這些BCC文件,並可以查看使用Belarc公司顧問的軟件和一個標準的Web瀏覽器微軟Windows平台。

如何打開 .bci 文件?

推出 .bci 文件,或者你的電腦上的任何其他文件,雙擊它。如果你的文件關聯的設置是否正確,這意味著應用程序來打開你的 .bci 文件將其打開。這是可能的,你可能需要下載或購買正確的應用程序。這也有可能是你有正確的應用程序在PC上,但 .bci 文件還沒有與它相關聯。在這種情況下,當您嘗試打開一個 .bci 文件,你可以告訴Windows的應用程序是正確的該文件。從這時起,打開 .bci 文件將打開正確的應用程序。 點擊這裡修復.bci文件關聯錯誤

打開一個應用程序 .bci 文件

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor works like a security consultant that makes detailed profile of a user's hardware and installed software which includes network inventory, status of the currently installed anti-virus and security benchmarks. It conduct assessment on the computer's weak points, checking if Windows security has been patched or if the antivirus installed is up to date. It utilizes the benchmark test of CIS or the Center for Internet Security, to score to computer's overall level of security and generates a report which can be viewed through a Web browser. The comprehensive report contains the assessment of the operating system components and software, gives the location of the problem, the computer's physical components and RAM capacity including which parts of it are occupied. The software does not fix the problems of the computer but instead gives advice on how to solve or correct the issues and problems reported. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and runs on Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT 4, Me, Windows 98, and Windows 95 operating system.
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer or most commonly known as Internet Explorer was developed by Microsoft in 1995. It is a graphical web browser which is included as part of the different versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is one of the commonly used browsers of most Windows users. Since its first release in 1995, different versions have come out, the latest one being the Internet Explorer 10. It was designed in order to give its users the capability of viewing large range of web pages and at the same time be able to give its users features that can be used within the operating system that is installed on their computer which includes Microsoft Update. It uses the same accessibility framework which was also provided in computers that run Windows. It is also known as an interface being used when running FTP.
Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that was developed by Google and is being offered for free. Webkit rendering engine is being used in order to display different web pages. It allows its users to have the capability of creating shortcuts on their desktops which has the ability to launch different web applications using the browser. Users have the ability of installing different themes for Google Chrome which can be done by accessing option. Google Chrome was released in three different channels which are the Beta, Developer and Stable. A beta version was released for Android which allows its users to synchronize this with the ones that they have on their desktop in order for them to have the same browser tabs as well as bookmarks together with hardware acceleration and page pre-rendering. An iOS version was also released for Apple devices.
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser created for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux, harmonized by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. Firefox utilizes the Gecko layout engine to provide Web pages, which implements present and projected Web standards. The Multiple Network Graphic is stored in files with MNG format and is attach with MNG file extension and is utilized as format for graphic images animation. These are normally categorized as raster image files that symbolized PNG for Web animation. These files substituted GIF animations and make use of either lousy or lossless data compression, having the basic structure and portion as the PNG format but with a extra compound signature and larger range of portions used for animation. They contain bitmap indexed colors works in animations, slide shows, or complex still frames, composed of multiple PNG or JPEG Network Graphic (JNG) single-image data streams like PNG. The first version MNG 1.0 was introduced on Jan 31, 2001 and some of its known supporters are Gwenview, Mozilla, Netscape, Sony Ericsson and Sphere game engine.
Apple Safari

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is a type of Web browser that is integrated on most Mac computers, particularly those with operating systems Mac OS X and iOS. However, there is also a version of this Web browser found in later versions of Microsoft Windows, which are Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Many features are found and designed on Safari, which include the following: a resizable Web search box using Yahoo!, Google or Bing, bookmark management and integration with Address book, inbuilt password management using Keychain, bookmark search with history, expandable text boxes, option to save webpage clips that are viewable on Apple Dashboard, auto-fill of Web forms, support for ICC color profile, PDF viewing, integration of iPhoto, private browsing, popup ad blocking tool, Quartz style font smoothing, spelling checker, Web feeds reading and subscription, mail integration, and support for CSS animation and CSS 3 Web fonts. Among the newest and improved features are Smart Search field, iCloud tabs, tab view and sharing of photos or posting of status to Facebook or Mail.


要小心,不要重命名擴展 .bci 文件,或任何其他文件。這不會更改文件類型。只有特殊的轉換軟件可以從一個文件類型更改一個文件到另一個。


文件擴展名是一組三個或四個字符在文件名的末尾,在這種情況下, .bci. 文件擴展名告訴你它是什麼類型的文件,並告訴Windows哪些程序可以打開它。窗戶經常關聯一個默認程序的每個文件的擴展名,這樣,當你雙擊該文件,程序會自動啟動。當該程序不再是您的PC上,有時可以得到一個錯誤,當您試圖打開相關的文件。


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