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.7z 文件擴展名

開發商: Igor Pavlov
文件類型: 7-Zip Compressed File
你在這裡因為你有,有一個文件擴展名結尾的文件 .7z. 文件與文件擴展名 .7z 只能通過特定的應用程序推出。這有可能是 .7z 文件是數據文件,而不是文件或媒體,這意味著他們並不是在所有觀看。

什麼是一 .7z 文件?

7Z文件是已經嵌入了LZMA算法,這是開源的壓縮規格和數據編碼標準部署的7-Zip的軟件,文件壓縮和解壓工具,它是由伊戈爾巴甫洛夫開發基於Windows平台的壓縮文件。這些7Z文件附加與.7z延伸和被儲存在壓縮7Z格式,並且這些文件可以使用中間像的WinZIP,WinRAR的和PeaZip其他Windows文件壓縮和解壓應用的7-Zip軟件進行解壓縮。 7-Zip的軟件也可以用於創建這些壓縮7Z文件。 WinZIP的具有版本,可用於打開,查看,解壓縮和壓縮文件,並存儲在這些7Z文件夾Mac平台,而PeaZip軟件還分佈與Linux和Unix版本與開口兼容性支持,查看,解壓縮和裡面提取這些文件和文 ​​件夾.7z文件。

如何打開 .7z 文件?

推出 .7z 文件,或者你的電腦上的任何其他文件,雙擊它。如果你的文件關聯的設置是否正確,這意味著應用程序來打開你的 .7z 文件將其打開。這是可能的,你可能需要下載或購買正確的應用程序。這也有可能是你有正確的應用程序在PC上,但 .7z 文件還沒有與它相關聯。在這種情況下,當您嘗試打開一個 .7z 文件,你可以告訴Windows的應用程序是正確的該文件。從這時起,打開 .7z 文件將打開正確的應用程序。 點擊這裡修復.7z文件關聯錯誤

打開一個應用程序 .7z 文件



Equipped with a high compression ratio (as high as 7z format via LMZA and LMZA2), 7-Zip is an open-source ZIP archiver software that is usable on any computer regardless of operating system installed from the latest to the earlier versions and without any charge at all. Majority of the source codes used by this program are on the list of GNU LGPL License. These include unRar, RAR,ZIP, ARJ, XZ, Z, TAR, WIM, BZIP2, GZIP, CAB, HFS, LZMA, NSIS, CPIO, RPM, VHD, DEB, CHM, LZH, MBR, FAT, NTFS, XAR, DMG, CramFS, ISO, MSI, SquashFS, and UDF. Technically, formats ZIP and GZIP have a ratio of 2 to 10%, 7z has high ratio from 30 to 70% plus this same format has self extracting capability while both ZIP and 7z has AES 256 encryption. Other features include windows shell, file manager, command line version, FAR manager plug-in and localizations for languages up to 79.
Corel WinZip 16 Pro

Corel WinZip 16 Pro

Compressing files frees up space in the hard disk, and Corel Win Zip 16 Pro can compress files into different formats. This software allows users to choose the level of compression and the compression method that they want to integrate into their files and folders. All Major compressed formats can be extracted by this application, and this compression and decompression software runs in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista And window 7. Internet connectivity is needed for activating this program. Corel WinZip 16 Pro can provide users with access to Zipsend, which is use to compress and send large files through email. This software may also provide users with access to Zipshare, which is use to upload compressed files to various social Websites. Backups are necessary for the important data of the user, and Corel WinZip 16 Pro provides an automated process for backing up files. Users can burn backups directly unto a CD/DVD or Blu-ray disc, or send the compressed files to the user’s email address for virtual backups.
Corel WinZip Mac Edition

Corel WinZip Mac Edition

Corel WinZip was originally for Microsoft operating system, and Corel Corporation made this software for Macintosh. And this will work with various versions such as Mac OS X 10.5X or 10.6X. Internet will be needed to activate the product. This will help the users to save up spaces where they store their files. This program offers file encryption which secures the file upon sharing. The files won’t be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Corel Winzip also provides security such as protecting email attachments. This application provides a viewing functionality that is well suited for Mac operating system. It also includes editing of files inside the zipped folder without unzipping the folder. The zip file would be manageable, safer, and smaller by the use of WinZip Mac Edition. This works with the email tool of Mac which is built for the user’s convenience. While organizing the files, the reduced size of the attachments will make it faster to be uploading once it is compressed.


Eugene Roshal developed an application that can create RAR archives called WinRAR. It is a shareware file archiver and data compression utility released by Ron Dwight in 1993, while Alexander Roshal, Eugene Roshal's brother runs the business. WinRAR provides the complete support for RAR, which is WinRAR's original format in compression, ZIP archives, and unpacking of 7z, EXE, ISO, JAR, BZ2, UUE, ACE, GZ, TAR, LZH, ARJ and Z archives. It has multithreaded compression and can create archive with multi-volume and self-extracting. Damaged archives are provided with date redundancy through recovery record and recovery volumes for reconstruction. It also supports in the advancement in file names of Unicode and file system of NTFS. It has also AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit key to be used optionally in archive encryption. The software is available in forty seven languages. It is written in C++ and runs with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 Mac OS X, FreeBSD, LInux (Wine required for GUI), and OS/2.
PeaZip for Linux

PeaZip for Linux

The PeaZip for Linux software is a freeware which allows managing, archiving and compressing different files in Linux environment. It uses graphical images to interact with users and was based on Lazarus IDE of Free Pascal compiler. Developed by Giorgio Tami and released its first version Peazip for Linux v1.6 in April 2007. This software can be used in KDE, Gnome, Xfce or any other desktop manager. Peazip for Linux can be installed directly to the operating system or as a standalone program by using a removable device. In KDE desktop, the installer instantly creates menu entries while in Gnome it requires copying an archiving folder to another system’s scripts folder. It has the ability to extract more than 150 different file types and create various data compression files. It is available for users of Linux QT and GTK2 (DEB, RPM and TGZ) widget toolkit. Aside from archiving files, it also offers special security features with its password and keyfile authentication.


要小心,不要重命名擴展 .7z 文件,或任何其他文件。這不會更改文件類型。只有特殊的轉換軟件可以從一個文件類型更改一個文件到另一個。


文件擴展名是一組三個或四個字符在文件名的末尾,在這種情況下, .7z. 文件擴展名告訴你它是什麼類型的文件,並告訴Windows哪些程序可以打開它。窗戶經常關聯一個默認程序的每個文件的擴展名,這樣,當你雙擊該文件,程序會自動啟動。當該程序不再是您的PC上,有時可以得到一個錯誤,當您試圖打開相關的文件。


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