Biz ancak bu sayfa şu anda Google Translate kullanarak çevrilen makine, mümkün olduğunca çok dilde web sitemizi lokalize için çaba. yakın

Infographic: Tarayıcı Kullanımı A History DünyaInfographic: A History of Browser Usage Worldwide

İşte, web tarayıcısı kullanımının tarihini, dünya çapında kullanımlarını, pazar paylarını ve benzerlerini gösteren bilgilendirici bir grafik. Web tarayıcıları hakkında pek çok ilginç gerçek – emin olun ve hepsini okumak için aşağı kaydırın! Biliyorsunuz, tarayıcılar bir zamanlar PC kaynaklarının çoğunu aldılar ve çoğu zaman açık olan tek şey olmaları gerekti. Sadece PC donanımı, günlük tarayıcınızın zorlu grafik gereksinimlerine, sadece başka bir uygulama haline geldiklerine yakalandı.

  • Anonim

    Not sure that Tunisian Internet users mostly use Google chrome !

  • Nico

    thanks for the graphic.

  • Missing the mention of the Mosaik Browser!

  • Wonderful Infographic! Just one suggestion: It would be wonderful, if you could add Mosaic

    which was kind of a revolution in the www and popularizing it! And it was father of other browsers and gave much inspirations for the creation of Netscape 3

  • jic

    what about mosaic?

  • John L

    I think a thing to note here is that IE and Safari are forced upon us and most Chrome installations are by accident as numerous pieces of essential free software bundle it in their packages that most people fail to notice and untick the selection. Firefox and Opera are downloaded by people who want to use them. I am not sure if this information is numbers of installations or numbers of actual users as I suspect actual users would differ quite a bit from this judging by the amount of computers I remove Chrome from who’s owners have no idea how it got there. Nice piece of work regardless.

  • yt ko

    Nice overall presentation but with some omission and misleading information.
    * First box is titled UNIX — it’s not a browser. And penguin image represents Linux, not UNIX.
    * As others have mentioned, Mosaic is extremely important in the history of browser development
    * Unlike all other browsers, there is no “Internet Explorer is released” box on its own. Instead it’s in the browser war box. Another significant oversight considering IE is the most used browser today.
    * In 1996, it says navigator reaches 86% of market share but has an IE icon. Misleading.

  • Elliott Mostiller

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  • Daine Hasting

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