Why do I need to use Battery Optimizer?

While various suggestions and techniques to optimize your laptop’s battery life are easily available on the internet, it slowly becomes an inconvenience to keep all these suggestions in mind, to look up these resources on your laptop, implement them on time, monitor your battery status and do a lot of other things that require your time and attention.

Top 10 reasons why ReviverSoft’s Battery Optimizer is the best investment for your laptop!

  • Accurate indication of your battery’s charge level and status
  • Real time diagnosis of your laptop’s battery life (Quick and In-depth scan)
  • Determine your Battery’s Health and Current Battery Life
  • Get accurate estimates on Potential Battery Life With Maximum Optimizations and Potential Gain In Battery Life With Maximum Optimizations
  • Carry out a number of optimizations in a few easy steps (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Peripherals, Brightness, Memory/CPU consumption etc.)
  • Intelligent profiles to facilitate quick changes in optimizations and settings
  • Create custom (user-defined) battery profiles for different environments and situations ; instant access to these profiles when you need them
  • Battery usage warnings to warn you when your battery usage extends beyond a certain level
  • Advanced monitoring of battery usage over time
  • Light footprint and super easy to use!

Make Battery Optimizer your laptop’s best friend. Try Battery Optimizer today and watch your battery related problems disappear

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