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Ile pamięci RAM lub pamięci, muszę w moim komputerze?How much RAM, or memory, do I need in my PC?

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  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi Akos,

    Thanks for posting. I recently went through a similar dilema of having to choose a new PC. You check out my article here:

    If i hear you correctly you’ll largely be using your computer for digital storage, and maybe some word processing. With this in mind, HDD capacity will be pretty important to you and you’ll definitely get by with the standard processor and RAM combinations being offered. If you plan to be running photo editing solutions or running other intensive applications, then you may want to consider boosting your processing and memory power, but it doesn’t sound like this is what you plan to do. With respect to convertibility, this is really personal preference. If you plan to listen to your music while browsing the web or flicking through photos, then you may want a convertible laptop for ease of portability. That being said, you have your ipad for that too. The only real reason I would say you need a convertible is if you plan to spend a lot of time flicking and browsing (ie using your fingers for a lot of the actions). If you plan to spend a bit of time editing docs, organizing your photos and music files, you’re going to be better off with a normal laptop.

    Hope this helps and feel free to ask any additional questions.

  • Brett Duncan

    This is pretty much, wrong, at least for traditional PC’s. For a everyday/casual/business user, you would want 4-8 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz RAM. (Lean towards the higher side of that if you watch a lot of youtube and have many tabs open, also windows uses more RAM then other operating systems so take that into account.) Then at least 8 GB of RAM for a gamer or anyone who wants to edit a lot of videos (I prefer 16 GB RAM). Then for a hard core gamer or professional video/photo editors I recommend 16-64 GB of 1866 MHz RAM.

  • Rohit

    nice product guideline information

  • daksha

    I’m looking to buy a laptop. I would use it personally for things like MSN and Facebook – basically chatting with friends. I also like to watch online movies and TV shows and I download LOTS of music.

    For school, I use my computer to research information for projects, make presentations and do word processing.

    That’s pretty much it, as I’m not ‘huge’ computer user. What laptop would you reccomend?

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