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Una macchina finemente sintonizzato [Infografica]A Finely Tuned Machine [Infographic]

Scopri la manutenzione del PC e il calcolo sicuro per assicurarti che la tua macchina sia ottimizzata.

  • Zack

    Maybe I’m stupid, but that pie chart in the middle makes no sense to me. Somehow blue means 1 million computer users (?) and the green means computers per capita then what is the result of the pie chart? Are there 5 million computers in Ghana> That doesn’t sound too bad… All in all a pretty shitty infograph and a cheap attempt at driving up website traffic, if I may say so myself (I may).

  • Hi Zack,

    You’re not stupid, we should have just been clearer. Each circle represents 1 million people, not just the blue area. So for Ghana out of every 1 million people only 50 thousand have personal computers and so on.

    We appreciate your honest and feedback though and always like getting direction on our posts. As for this being cheap, next to the video blog posts, these are our second most expensive posts we do and we actually put alot of time and thought into them so you have hurt my feelings ;)


    Mark Beare

    Company Founder

  • David

    You should be a little more specific because you can upgrade the inside of your computer part by part to follow the increasing power of technology. The replacement span of parts would depend on what you use the computer for and how often the computer is run. People who just browse web every once in a while could keep a computer much longer than a graphics designer or gamer. The latter people run it more often so the part’s lives drain as they’re used, but also demand higher quality parts as they are released so that they have better graphics and smoother processing for graphic intensive games and designing. Also, I’ve had a computer for 8+ years and it still “works”, it doesn’t just up and die. Pretty much all you have to do is keep it dusted out and the parts should run fine for a long time. Even if you don’t keep up with upgrading the computer you can still play games, just not the newer ones. You can also continue to browse the web just fine. Dusting computers is the BIGGEST problem for computers as it leads to overheating, possibly even fire! Anti-virus IS important too, but if a nasty bug starts taking over I normally just reinstall the operating system and it’s brand new again… You aren’t specific about the “working” life of a computer. My old computer still works. Also, you shouldn’t update drivers regularly. You should actually only update drivers if something fails and needs it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For an infographic it seems to be missing more important and less commonly known info. Saying to upgrade your computer within 3-5 years seems like a waste of people just tossing that “junky old computer” in the electronic dump or maybe even into the dump it shouldn’t be in. If a person owns a computer and they don’t know how to properly upgrade its parts and dust it out, they shouldn’t even own a computer. There’s so many inexperienced computer owners out there that don’t even know how to enter BIOS. These people should just stick to tablets and smart phones because they’re just gonna toss the last electronic away for a whole new setup, they might as well be tossing away smaller ones than a whole case full of parts that could be used in one way or another.

  • Patrick

    Replacing the archaic Microsoft OSes on about 500+ computers annually, in Florida, I find most are of 1998 to 2008 vintage.

    Installing LinuxMint(.com) speeds them up, adds any of 33,636 FREE apps., games, suites.

    All are FREE to users, because they were funded and developed by the Fortune 500 corporations, some 2,000 major universities and colleges, and governments in 170 nations.

    Parallel processing Linux is immune to the 50 million Microsoft Virus!

    I have witnessed kids of 3-4 using it, so, it is easy, simple, and FUN!!!

  • Jordan

    Seems some of the information is outdated. For example, with Windows 7 you no longer need to defragment your hard drive, it is done automatically. Might be the same with Windows Vista too. And with the new Solid State Drives out it will actually mess up the drive. The trim() command is what you use on those. I would also suggest to update and run antivirus/antispyware daily.

  • Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for your comments!
    It’s untrue that Windows 7 defragments automatically out of the box; it must be set up in Disk Defragmenter like any other version of Windows. However, this is rumored to be a part of Windows 8. Also, you are correct that defragmenting is a waste of time if you’ve got a solid state drive.
    While you can run antivirus every evening, if you leave your PC on, a virus shield application and a once a week scan is usually enough. Of course, running a new scan if you’re unsure about something you downloaded is also wise.

    Keep reading the blog!

  • Uncle B

    Ever since I installed Ubuntu 11.10 i have had no viruses at all, few pop-ups,no unsolicieted junk, and even better luck with my email. how come? Am I just going through a ‘lucky spell” or is it due to the Ubuntu? I also have, dual booter Windows 7 and it is so buggy now as to harxdly work, loads my hard drive and slows down more ecvery day. I am very happy with the Ubuntu progtrams, foreign to men at first but well worth the short learning curve. How can Ubuntu survive without charging? Will I get an unexpected bill in the mail? I hope nt! I love the Ubuntu system and would gladly pay for it after trying it or make a donation.The free science and educational software is the very best.Makre me wonder why Windows 7 survives.

  • Hi Uncle,
    Probably the biggest reason why Windows 7 has survived this long is software. OpenOffice can only do so much compared to Microsoft Office, especially if you use advanced features. Adobe Photoshop doesn’t have a Linux version. And so on. That’s all changing with the development of web apps, so platform is becoming more independent as time goes on. But we’re not there yet.

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