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Les meilleures solutions antivirus gratuitesThe Best Free Antivirus Solutions

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  • Tubinnath

    I really find only a few security software in this blog, According to my view there are a lot of security software that are better than this security softwares. In a recent AV test conducted between various security softwares based on protection, performance and usability Comodo the leading security software has topped the protection rate. Here is the link for the AV test :

  • juan

    Though Comodo offers virus protection (not very powerful), its main product is a Firewall.

  • jabbajawz

    As a consultant, I have repaired many of PC due to virus infection. Almost ALL of those PC’s had AVG on them. I usually take off AVG and put Avast on. After that no more problems with viruses/ malware. Also, I have repaired PC’s where AVG breaks the network and starts acting like a virus itself and will not install with the installer. Then I have to go into safe mode, delete all the files and registry entries and then the network starts working. I never used AVIRA but between AVG/ AVAST, AVAST is the CLEAR winner.

    Why pay for antivirus when your ISP probably provides that same expensive Antivirus/ Network Threat protection for FREE?

  • Avast free hasta el 2038

  • Phoebiann

    The first antivirus I used years ago was AVG. Then when I got a computer that couldn’t handle it for some reason, I used Avira. I liked that very well until they started pulling Ask toolbar marketing garbage through the software. I tried to get around it, but it became too much effort to protect myself from my antivirus. I went back to AVG. Unfortunately, AVG now has advertising pop-ups that cause computers to be vulnerable when less savvy users in the household are online. When they don’t know what to do or how to respond, they may well approve some kind of “upgrade”. I am now using Avast! which found 5 trojans upon installation that AVG was supposed to be protecting against. Anti-virus solutions are a real headache. I haven’t had Avast! running long, but immediately noticed it uses fewer resources.

  • Sabía que era Avira, casi sin leer todo, porque yo me pasé del AVG Free al Avira, es bueno.


    Avira is the best antivirus which protect the computer to virus….

  • Miguel Angelo Lattanzio Mantil

    Avast crackeado detected!

  • Miguel Angelo Lattanzio Mantil

    and with free license until january 30, 2.017

    Avira Win!!! XD

  • joe64367

    You gotta watch these so called reviews. To see people touting AVG shows just how misinformed many are. AVG is MALWARE tucked into an anti virus program. Clever to say the least. It functions like a legitimate program. All the while, it hijacks your computer and does things that don’t see. And it does not like to be uninstalled. The AVG toolbar becomes hostile if you try to remove it. And I have caught it trying to reinstall the main program. At other times, I uninstalled the main program just to see all the program files still present on the drive after a restart. AVG is garbage-ware. And anyone who thinks differently doesn’t have a secured PC.

  • Harrison Weaver

    I work in IT and AVG is complete garbage. Its actually sad to read this article so miss-informative but job security for me!!! keep using whatever you want lol. I recommend mcafee!!! lol

  • Ashwaq Hilal

    Hey there! Maybe sometimes, you can write a review about ESET Antivirus. I heard its one of the best

  • Rajeev Singh

    ESET Antivirus is not on the list? I suggest that it should be included.

  • Harshit Gupta

    That seems to be a great list of free antivirus software. Thanks for sharing.
    But I doubt that free antivirus software would be enough to protect computers from viruses, spywares and other internet threats. I would better suggest to go for paid antivirus software which comes with full functionalities.

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