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How to Fix Printer Problems in Minutes

Ever had a printer act up or run into problems when you were in the middle of printing something important? It can be really frustrating if you are not sure how to fix your printer problem and get it printing again. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix common printer problems across most brands of printers. Essential Tips to Fix Printer Problems: 1. The printer doesn’t Turn On Check the power cable running from the printer to the plug point (mains) for loose connection If […]

Essential Tips to Maintain Your Printer

Either you use it for business or just a printer for home that can be used by your child or students. Printers can last really long and serve you well if you take good care of them. There are many types and different sizes of them. Some are built for industrial uses that can print massive sizes of printing mediums. There are also those that are used for printing matte canvass photos – see designs on Print Success for examples – but the most common one are those found in […]

Many older printers stubbornly refuse to work out of the box in Windows 8. Here are some workarounds and solutions to get your printer running.

Print to your Printer from Anywhere

Google Cloud Print is a useful feature in Google Chrome that allows you to print to a printer from any other Google Chrome instance you’re logged into.

Fix a Stuck Printer Queue

Printers can be a pain to manage in Windows. Often, print jobs will get stuck with no obvious way to fix them. Here’s how to unstick your printer queue.

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