In this battle of text editing applications, we compare features of Notepad with Notepad++, and Wordpad with Microsoft Word. Which comes out on top?

The Windows Experience Index determines how powerful your PC is. Find out how Windows determines the score and what you can do about it.

This update is for everyone using Intel HD integrated graphics. Not sure what kind of graphics your PC has? Learn how to find this info here.

There are two types of applications in Windows 8. Traditional desktop applications and then Windows 8 specific applications, here’s how to remove the latter

The SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Blue Screen of Death error is often caused by outdated software or bad drivers. Here’s how to fix it.

There are upsides and downsides to using a TV, rather than a monitor, as your PC’s primary display. Find out if a TV is right for your PC.

How to Uninstall a Desktop app in Windows 8

How to Uninstall a Desktop app in Windows 8 Uninstalling a desktop application in Windows 8 is very similar to uninstalling an application in Windows 7 but there are a few small differences. Here is how you uninstall a desktop application in Windows 8. Video Transcript: Hi guys. Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today I’m going to teach you how to uninstall a desktop app in Window 8. I am not going to show you how to uninstall a metro or modern UI application, I’ll show you how to do that […]

The BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 7 and Windows 8 has to do with bad drivers. Find out how to update them here.

The way to turn off Bluetooth in Windows 8 is a bit different than previous versions of Windows. Here is how to do it.

Everyone uses hashtags (“#”) on Twitter to organize and collect Tweets. But here’s an innovative way to use this idea to organize your files in the cloud.

Cloning a Hard Drive the Easy Way

Cloning a drive is like duplicating its contents all at once from one drive to another. It’s useful when moving to an SSD drive. Learn how to clone here.

The GTX 600 series of nVidia GeForce graphics cards has just had a stable driver release, 314.22. Gain a substantial performance increase with this update.

Disabling Windows Services Safely

Windows runs many services in the background, but many of these aren’t needed. Disabling specific Windows Services can speed up your PC.

The Driver Power State Failure Blue Screen of Death occurs when your PC goes into Sleep Mode or comes out of it. Here’s how to fix it.

The sfc /scannow command, in any version of Windows, is highly important for getting your Windows system back to normal in case of corruption. Learn how.

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