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A Guide to DIRTY_MAPPED_PAGES_CONGESTION Blue Screen of Death Error

With the code STOP 0x000000EB, the DIRTY_MAPPED_PAGES_CONGESTION error is a type of Blue Screen of Death bug that causes the file system driver stack to be blocked, which, in turn, causes the modified pages of the software to be useless. Also, a factor contributing to the presence of the bug is the inability of the storage driver to process requests.


A systematic but advanced approach in troubleshooting this problem is to first, uninstall recently installed programs and software to see if it will make an improvement. Second, the user is required to clean the computer’s system registry and perform the required changes. Install the hardware properly afterwards and be sure to use correct and legitimate drivers. After installing, it is a must for the user to regularly update the computer software and its drivers. It is also important not to forget to scan the computer for hidden viruses. This also requires an updated virus library.

For users who are computer savvy and can perform more complex computer repairs, another process is suggested. First, the user must examine the system and the applications by looking at the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. Next, if there is a newly installed software or application, remove it and run a Scan and Fix. If the user has installed a brand new and recent model of drivers before the problem occurred, the old drivers should be installed again temporarily. If this did not solve the problem, then proceed to check whether the product is among the list of hardware on the Hardware Compatibility List. Focus on the hardware that are not on the list and begin checking for viruses. Also, temporarily disabling the BIOS memory and booting it up again. Lastly, try putting additional memory for the software to perform a detailed analysis on the errors by using its debugging file.

Another way to fixing this particular error is through the use of a repair software such as PC Reviver. The user will proceed to scanning and fixing the entire computer system. After scanning and fixing the problem, it is required to restart the computer and observe for a little while to check if the error still persists.

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