Removing the AVG Toolbar and Undoing its Browser Changes

Recently, someone wrote in and told us that they had the AVG Toolbar installed on their web browser, don’t know how they got it, and couldn’t remove it.

AVG, the company behind the AVG antivirus suite, is also behind this toolbar, which can install itself on your PC during the antivirus installation process. It can also appear as an add-on during the installation of another non-AVG application. Often, we don’t realize that many software companies install additional software this way. You have to pay attention and deselect this additional installation, but most people are inclined to click Next several times instead.

Removing the AVG Toolbar
It’s easy to miss the AVG Toolbar checkbox when installing the antivirus.

Here’s what the AVG Toolbar does when it installs:

  • Installs as a toolbar on every web browser you’ve got installed, which can sometimes slow down the browser
  • Changes your search engine to one that AVG earns money from
  • Locks the search engine change process so you can’t easily change back to Google
  • Changes the browser homepage to one of AVG’s choosing
  • Installs additional plugins and add-ons

Note that AVG claims a benefit from the toolbar, as it scans malicious hyperlinks for problem websites. But most users have security software that already does this.

Removing the AVG Toolbar
Here’s what the AVG Toolbar looks like at the top of your web browser.

If you find yourself with the AVG Toolbar, here’s how to eradicate it from your PC. (Copy and paste these directions to Notepad, because you’ll need to close all your browser windows.)

  1. Close all your browser windows.
  2. Press Start (Windows Key + X in Windows 8).
  3. Click Control Panel.
  4. Click Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP).
  5. Find AVG Security Toolbar or AVG SafeGuard Toolbar in the list and uninstall it. (You might consider removing AVG Antivirus while you’re at it, and trying Avira AntiVir or Windows Security Essentials instead.)
  6. Open each of your installed browsers back up.
  7. Go into your browser settings and reset your search engine and homepage.
  8. If you go into Manage Search Engines in the options, you can remove AVG Secure Search from the list completely.
  9. Remove any additional AVG plugins and add-ons that are left.
  10. Restart your PC.

The AVG toolbar and all its negative effects should be completely removed from your PC. Good luck!

  • LoneStranger

    AVG tool bar is a malware. I can’t get it off. It won’t let you remove it. This company is a scam.

  • Did you try following the directions? AVG do make it very difficult to disable but there should be an uninstall option in the Control Pnel under the ‘Programs’ option.

  • LoneStranger

    There was a few weeks ago. I UNinstalled the program. At least I thought so. The toolbar just came back and there is no uninstall in the programs now. There’s a hide/uninstall on the toolbar itself, but it does not work. There’s a AVG file folder that won’t let me delete it. I’m stuck with it. Just from searching the web, lot’s of people are having simiiar issues.

  • Did you delete the files or use the product uninstall option through the control panel.

    I would recommend actually installing it again and then trying to uninstall it. By re-installing it you will probably repair what ever problem you have now and then using the uninstall option should remove everything correctly.

    Sometimes the home page for your browser will still be changed to an AVG home page even after uninstalling. This will need to be manually changed using your browser settings.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thomas E Kolakowski

    There is no remove option

  • Are you talking about in the Uninstall dialog or in the Add Ons section of the browser? You sometimes do not see an option in the Add Ons section of the browser (which is one of the reasons people dislike this add on so much). You need to go to the program removal area of Windows and uninstall the toolbar from there.

    What version of Windows are you using? Here is a video on how to uninstall an application in Windows 8:

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Don,
    it looks as if AVG Search is locked in to your browser. Best thing to do is go into your options in Firefox and change the search engine back to Google. If you’ve uninstalled AVG from everywhere else, it shouldn’t prevent you from doing this. Good luck!

  • felicia

    I have done everything as suggested above. still i got the shit on top right! it must be some kind of malware..what shall i do to get rid of it?

  • Roger Dangerfield

    have been able to remove AVG Toolbar etc, but AVG 2013 is still listed . Will not just uninstall. Do not know how it is still there as I have tried uninstall, there is no progress chart and each time I try to check on its uninstall progress the message comes up that I have to wait whilst the programme changes take effect

  • Hi Roger,

    I would try restarting your computer and then uninstall the program through the Control Panel rather than uninstalling using their bundled uninstaller. If that does not work then there is a very handy application called Revo Uninstaller that should be able to remove it for you.

  • mrfroo

    Try REVO Uninstaller – it’s a free download on CNET. I followed the
    instructions above, repeatedly and it didn’t work. I went to AVG and
    found this out from pissed off users who were getting jerked around by
    AVG support.

  • mrfroo

    Revo Uninstaller is a great program – it will even search for all smatherings of components across your machine.

  • misdirection

    avg search engine still pops up. So heinously annoying.

  • It is because they change your home page also. You just need to go into your browser settings and change your home page back to the one you wish to use.

  • Chang Oh

    Just run ADWCLEANER and all kinds of tool bars are removed instantly.

  • Ann Harris

    Thanks for the instructions but when you select AVG Toolbar and click uninstall it just opens a browser it does not uninstall. I’ve stopped it’s effects by changing my search engines and home pages etc but I want to remove the software from my computer. Help.

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