A Guide to the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE Blue Screen of Death Error


STOP Code: 0x000000139

All right, you’ve been hit with a relatively serious BSoD, called KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. Sounds bad, right? Fortunately, we can help. This error sometimes appears on your Blue Screen with the code above, rather than the error name. Either way, this error gives us a clue on how to approach the problem.

A Guide to the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE Blue Screen of Death Error

Note: if you cannot boot into Windows at all due to this BSoD, use the BIOS to change the Boot Order and prioritize your disc drive, grab your Windows installation disc, and use that to repair and/or reinstall your operating system. If those steps don’t work, you have faulty memory that needs to be replaced.

If, however, you can get into your operating system and you just encounter this problem, it means one of these things: hard drive issues, memory problems, outdated drivers, or a virus.


To check for hard drive issues, open your Start Menu/Screen, click Search, type chkdsk /f C:, and set a disk check for the next time your computer is restarted. Make sure you do what you need to before you restart — because a disk check can take a long, long time. If you’ve already made all the arrangements you need to and choose to restart immediately, your computer may very well be unusable for the next few hours, depending on the size and speed of your hard drive.

Memory Issues

To check for memory problems, use Windows’ built-in Memory Diagnostic, which can also be accessed from a search. Windows will scan your memory for issues upon your next reboot, or reboot right away to do it, just like the disk checking process. This shouldn’t take as long as a disk check, but still make sure you have your documents in order before you begin such a time-consuming process.

Driver Issues

To see if you have outdated drivers, open Device Manager in the same manner you opened the Memory Diagnostic and the Disk Check. Right-click all your devices and click Update driver. Note that Windows may not find updated drivers for some devices — you may have to manually go to your manufacturer’s website to find them. Alternately, you can use our Driver Reviver software to do all this automatically.

Virus Issues

If all this doesn’t work, you simply have a virus. Luckily, we’ve recently done a rundown of the best free antivirus solutions. Pick one from that list, and see if the problem goes away after that.

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Paul,

    It’s very likely a bad driver causing the issue in this case. Try running Driver Verifier to track down the source of the problem. Good luck!


  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi Tim,

    If it happens exclusively when you plug your mouse in then I would almost certainly say that it’s a mouse driver issue. I would go through the process of rebooting your computer with your mouse plugged in. Then, run a driver check to see if there is an appropriate driver found for your mouse. If so, get it and install it and that will hopefully fix your problem. If not, then I would look to uninstall the existing mouse driver and reinstalling it. You should be careful when considering uninstalling drivers. If you’re set on uninstalling, navigate to your control panel, and choose Device Manager. Find the Device that you’re interested in and right click on it. Hit properties. It will bring up a properties screen for the device with a number of tabs, one of which will be Driver. Click on this tab, then look for the option to “Uninstall”. Be prepared that the device is unlikely to function after you’ve done this and you’ll want to look to re-install the correct driver at your earliest convenience. Let us know how you go.

  • Michael Toth

    My computer does this for no reason. I use linux mint 95% of the time with no problems. I use win8.1 with no problems most of time in order to play netflix and such. Occasionally when return from sleep I get BSODS for various reasons. the latest one is the one referenced in the OP. I’ve ran MBAM and Windows Defender scan for the first time since I got this laptop, both came back clean. I am running 8.1 with windows update up-to-date. This seems to be happening for no reasonse when I return from sleep. Not too concerned, but seems like a failure on window’s part.

    TX300CA | Windows 8.1 | Linux Mint 3.12.4

  • Ruben Vanravan

    Hi, yesterday i had this error On my PC (Toshiba p855-34j) andar after he collects some data information it would restart automactally but it fail. The PC is now starting andar shutting down after 3 or 4 seconds and is doping that non-stop. This terror could be the reason of this?

  • Angela Aeger

    Hey, I have had this issue on my computer, because of a mouse that was not compatible with Windows 8. I have lost all my document, picture, videos, music and libraries. How do I get my libraries back on my computer? Thanks.

  • nookaraju

    how to solve these errors memory_management error,ntss.sys, kmode_exception-not_handled,page_fault_in_nonpaged-area & system_service-exception

  • Denise Potas

    Hey I have run into a huge problem with my laptop.
    I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 from windows 8. my laptop came pre installed with the windows therefore I don’t have a disc.
    the problem I have is the following:
    a blue screen came up with a sad face stating my pc ran unto a problem and needs to restart. the problem it gave was some kernel security thing but now its stuck on the restart screen and it not going to my log in screen and I cant access any of my system files from there. I need help asap please.
    thank you
    kindly appreciate help as soon as possible

  • Sheanne Marinel ♥

    I encountered this problem last night on my Lenovo laptop. It has a touchscreen monitor. I did everything it says on this page and there seems to be nothing wrong. My main concern is that there appears to be something wrong with the monitor. I don’t know how to explain it but it looks like there are so many fingers touching the side of the screen (it shows marks). It annoys me. I don’t know what to do with it. What do I do? Please help!

  • Charchuasaur

    I can’t go on the Internet or on the start menu.Please help!!!

  • Kaylen

    I have the blue screen and it’s stuck on 75% at what can I do??

  • kris

    Every time I try to connect to wifi it gets the kernel security failure and restarts. I did the memory diagnostic and it was fine, there is not a virus and the drivers are fine, but it wont do the hard drive scan that you recommend. Any advice? (Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite C75D-B) Thanks.

  • fdsfsdfdsfhgfjhfdjhdr


    So like I just got this error message right.
    My computer restarts after the BSOD
    It comes back on
    I find this page
    I run all of the tests
    And according to my PC (which I full well knew) was that my memory checked out ok, my drivers were up to date, and I’m 100% certain my computer is virus free.

    So now I’m sitting here hella worried that my 840 Pro is ALREADY showing signs of wear, not cool, that was an expensive SSD

  • ThisGuy2289

    You just described my series of events perfectly. I did however get a new adapter to support a 3rd monitor and that could very well be the reason for it. Using that adapter along with my graphics card to play games probably did something strange to the system.. Anyway.. I wouldn’t worry. At the very worst get yourself a USB Hard Drive Adapter and IF the hard drive dies you can extract the hard drive and plug it into the adapter and recover the files via another PC before warrantying.

  • ThisGuy2289

    Ok I see a lot of old help me questions but no answers so.. I’d like to offer not a solution but some help to those who can no longer access the operating system because of this BSOD error.

    EDIT: *Follow this troubleshooting step first to access your drive*
    1. Unplug all connections but the monitor and boot the drive. If you can access the login screen slowly plug in your devices and restart your machine one at a time and locate the offending device.

    2. If step 1 did not resolve the issue then attempt the following:
    a.)Turn on the device and choose the option for Windows Recovery (F11 but it could be a different key depending on your manufacturer)
    b.)Select Advanced Options
    c.)Select Startup Settings
    d.)Select Enable Safe Mode
    c.)Boot into Safe Mode

    If you get in then phew, might be a bad driver or some scary virus. Run a scan backup your stuff. Run diagnostics tools on your hard drive before re-installing Windows.

    If none of the restore features of Windows allows you access to the operating system then run diagnostics on your hard drive. Chances are it has gone bad and you will need a new one, but in the mean time you can recover your files!

    What you will need is:
    1. Another computer (borrow somebodies)
    2. Hard Drive USB Adapter
    3. Your Hard Drive that is having the issues

    Plug the bad hard drive into the USB adapter. Plug the adapter into the PC.

    Now your PC will treat the hard drive as a removable drive, copy your files to your backup source and go warranty your hard drive and have your recovery media ready for your new one.

    Good luck.

  • Hassen Lupo

    bsr la le probleme pour moi que quant jai passe de wind7 a wind 10 jai eu cette probleme et je pense a cause mise a jour de carte graphique car le wifi coupe et revient alor j essay plein de chose sa marche pas alor j ai restore et je suis revenu a wind 7 alor tous marche correct mais je veux mettre a niveau et mettre wind 10 et jai peur que s arrive le meme chose quelqun peux m aide svp merci

  • Dlc22 Lol

    I have a problen that my screan wen i start put some lines black and some green points and then the blue screan say that i have that problem and te computer stop and dont do nothibg i need to shut down pls help me

  • Dlc22 Lol

    And i have a good laptop so i dont know why i have an hp laptop

  • Heba Moheb EL-Menawy

    Hi I have lenovo y50 & every time I start adobe cc program blue screen appear specialy after effect
    What”s the problem? !?

  • carol

    Hello there,
    I have just had this so called kiss of death,…could not log in
    gave up trying to switch off, reboot etc. Left my laptop plugged in, on internet….to that message (trying to un- install updates )………..After 3 days it had simply carried out what it was doing, logged out and re-booted. laptop needs to left plugged in.!!
    All is working fine, and nothing lost.
    try it. I also had windows 8 and problem came with a automatic update to window 10.
    hope this is helpful.

  • Hakim Johar

    Hi can anybody help out? it would be greatful,
    I`ve been getting BSODs (kernel security check failure) whenever
    I try to download via utorrent , update games such as world of tanks and warthunder.Also, I suspect anything that updates causes this (talking about games related) except windows update.
    Additional info,I recently installed kapersky internet security for about a month
    and had upgraded to windows 10 for 6 months now.

    To anybody that ponders or has solutions or any ideas what causes this please help a friend out.


  • Ed

    Yoooo your issue sounds eerily like mine. Whenever I download any big file (utorrent, Steam, even just firefox) I get a kernel security check failure. I even have also used Kaspersky – but I recently tried reinstalling Windows 10 and I STILL get these specific BSODs.

    Someone suggested to me that it’s the video card. I’ve yet to play around with that. Download bluescreenview because it tells you more about the specific errors. Also look at Event Viewer (an app already installed in Win 10) and check the system log or application log and try to pinpoint what was going on around when you got the BSOD. it’s difficult to tell for me but maybe for you the problem is more obvious (hopefully?)

  • Ed

    YO! Check your wireless card (I dunno if you have an internal or external one) For me, it was that my external wireless adapter was way too old. I had to buy a new one. I can now download anything online without being interrupted by BSOD. So go online and check if you have the latest update/firmware/whatever for your wireless card. If you already have it updated, maybe it’s too old and time to get a new one.

  • Haris Museljic

    I no Hwat this is the do this x pres i have the best PC there is and is all new, no way this is happening but if i update windows 10 it happens again this is a ting the do 2 put any system like this recommended shit u guys put out so u can earn money fuck u all for this nice new ting u have put out in the marketing i am gonna tell for this scam i am not stupid guys just go back 2 windows 7 and no problem there oles the change it for this 2 then we s crude harry out

  • Haris Museljic

    and the put is free ye u download it and scan it and the put if u wont 2 remove it u gata pay WTF is this for shitleeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk

  • asd

    need to update

  • asd

    update open

  • Ricardo Cabral

    Obrigado, resolveu meu poblema.


  • Cris Vieira

    Lenovo thats the problem…Chinese

  • Sandy Horn

    a blue screen came up with a sad face stating my pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. the problem it gave was some kernel security thing. Said don’t worry we’ll restart it for you. Then it had blue and black horizontal lines and then it shut down and now it won’t start! Blue and orange lights are on, Win 10 OS

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