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Don’t Have Windows 7 Service Pack 1? You Can’t Wait Any Longer

If you’ve got a fresh Windows 7 installation and have never run the big update to Service Pack 1, starting today Windows will now require this update to continue working. You’ll see the update hit Windows Update over the next few weeks.

Microsoft Forces Users to Upgrade Windows 7 SP1
You’re now required to get Windows 7 SP1.

What is Windows 7 Service Pack 1?

Service Pack 1, or SP1, released February 9, 2011, is a massive update that can take several hours on older PCs. Windows creates a Restore Point before this big update, and crashes are uncommon but can happen, so it’s a good idea to back up your files before Windows forces you to update to Windows 7 SP1 and restart.

What does Windows 7 SP1 do?

Windows 7 SP1 adds support for for Advanced Vector Extensions, Advanced Format 512e, and Identity Federation Services. It also fixes numerous bugs and updates security. That all sounds highly technical, but trust me — you need this update.

Are there any issues with Windows 7 SP1? What if I don’t update?

Note that there are some older applications that might have compatibility issues once Windows 7 SP1 is installed. In that case, try running the app in Compatibility Mode with an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows XP.

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 out of the box, starting April 9, so in order to enjoy full support from Microsoft, and the latest security fixes and updates, go ahead and get Windows 7 SP1 now.

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