Fix Adobe Flash Problems in Google Chrome

My Flash videos just aren’t working right in Google Chrome. How do I fix it?

Flash is an application made by Adobe that displays movies, games, or other content within a web browser. It’s an old web standard that’s slowly being phased out by HTML5 — however, many websites still use Flash plugins for videos, games, and tools. Google Chrome is a browser made by, well, Google (you know, the search engine giant), and it has nearly half of the current marketshare, including support for themes, extensions and HTML5. While Chrome scores higher on browser tests than its competitors, it does have some known issues with Flash — and here’s how to fix them.

First off, issues with Flash games and the such — those can’t be fixed. Chrome and Flash games don’t play well together, for whatever reason — even if Flash is working perfectly fine — so for those, you should definitely go to Mozilla Firefox or another browser to enjoy some flash gaming. For your normal Flash video issues — like lagging and crashing — here’s where you need to go.

First, type about:plugins in your Chrome address bar and press Enter to view what plugins you have installed and are running.

Fix Adobe Flash Problems
This is where the Flash plugins are stored.

How To Stop The Plugin Conflict

Search for Flash in the plugins list and then check if it says (2 files) in parenthesis beside it.
If it says two files, that means two different installations of Flash — one on your system and one just for the Chrome installation — are conflicting, and that’s where your problem lies.
Click the + sign next to Details and use the Location tags to determine where each installation is located.
The System installation will have something starting with C:\Windows and the Chrome installation will have something starting with C:\Users — delete the latter and restart Chrome. Videos should play much more smoothly in your Chrome browser.

Fix Adobe Flash Problems
The highlighted plugin is the installation for Chrome.
The downside to this fix is that when this process is finished, you’re going to have to set Flash to auto-update, since there’s no longer an extension active within Chrome being updated with the browser. To allow Flash to auto-update:

  1. Click Start (Windows Key + X in Windows 8)
  2. Click Search
  3. Type Flash Player
  4. Open the application
  5. Click the Advanced tab
  6. Change the update settings to Allow Adobe to Install Updates

If Issues Persist

First, re-activate the Chrome plugin and turn off the operating system plugin. (The opposite of the steps above.)
If that doesn’t fix your issue, deactivate each of your extensions and start Chrome again — an easy way to go about this is to open up an incognito window with extensions disabled. To open up an incognito window, click Chrome’s Menu icon and select Open Incognito Window from the drop down box. By default, incognito starts without extensions. Go to a flash-based page and see if you have any issues. If you don’t, good job — one of your extensions is causing the problem.

To solve this, open up your list of Extensions and one by one, re-enable them while viewing how they effect your Flash performance. To open the list of extensions, open your menu once more, hover over Tools and click Extensions. When you’ve determined which one has been causing you all this trouble, delete or disable it.

  • TibLuvr

    Do you have a set of instructions for those of us with Macs? I love Chrome, but seldom will it play videos, in, for example, Huffington Post. I have no idea how to fix it. :-/

  • reviversoft

    Hi Tib,
    The above steps work in MacOS too: about:plugins, disable Flash that comes with Chrome, then go to Adobe’s site and download it as a separate application (using Safari if necessary). Good luck!

  • Marc Paulusma

    I seem to be having 2 plug-in’s in the same way as the image shows, but I don’t have an extension starting with C:Users. My extensions are the following:

    C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication27.0.1453.116PepperFlashpepflashplayer.dll


    Do I need to remove one of these to solve the problem? Or is the origin of the problem something else entirely?

  • Hi Marc,

    Good question. Yes delete the following one:

    C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication27.0.1453.116PepperFlashpepflashplayer.dll

    Please let me know how it works for you.


  • Marc Paulusma

    Well, I’ve got the video’s going :)…but I can’t seem to find the program to change the default settings. I’ve followed the path (C:Windowssystem32MacromedFlashNPSWF32.dll), but there doesn’t appear to be a macromed folder. Searches via Sart menu and manually are both fruitless. Do you know how I can find it? Or how I can change the settings in another way?

  • Try and download and install Flash again and open it that way. You can download it from the below URL:

    Glad the video is working now!

  • Marc Paulusma

    Everything is working like a charm! Thanks alot for the quick help!

  • You welcome :)

  • Potete per favore provare a installare di nuovo Adobe Flash dal sito Adobe? Questo dovrebbe risolvere il problema che state avendo.

  • Hi William,

    I would recommend trying to reinstall Adobe Flash from the Adobe website. Let me know if this works for you.


  • Hi Jack,

    Where are you downloading it from? Make sure you are getting it from

    When you download it make sure you choose to ‘Download’ the file rather than ‘Install’. Then go and find the download file and run it from there.


  • Jack Bailey

    It says ‘note: flash player is already installed, but disabled’. There is only an install button, which is yellow. I cAnt see ‘download’ anywhere?! And yes it’s from adobe website

  • Jack Bailey

    There is no download button, only an install button! Yes it’s from the adobe website.

  • Jack Bailey

    Ok, I found the ‘download’ page. It gives me two options, flash player for other browsers or internet explorer. I’m using google chrome, so I choose ‘other browsers’ right? Once I download that, do I go to plugins and enable flash player?

  • Flash player should be enabled by default once installed. Can you check?

    If you are still having issues with it enabled try disabling it in Chrome.

  • iTunes and Word should not be affected by flash. Are these websites working in other browsers?

    Try uninstalling Google Chrome and reinstalling it from the Chrome website.

  • pjmman

    which flash player should I turn on auto-update in?

  • NeonSeraph

    Hey, thanks for this. it led me to the remedy~ I clicked disable on the chrome one, and that works just fine. no need to delete it.

  • Dejvis

    I tried anonymous version of chrome,my youtube videos are still making problems,flash is reloading,or don’t know what other reason.

  • Denham Harry

    Thank you for this tip! :-)

  • Cathy Chester

    Mine does have two files, but how do I “delete the latter” on a MAC?

  • Michael Ordoukhani

    WOW man, I spent a year with this problem and searched for it everywhere
    and gave up ad the end. It was driving me mad. I tried your method and
    it word like a charm. Genius. Many thanks.

  • Susan Montgomery

    Many thanks for this fix for flash

  • Deathly Doom

    but im on windows 7 and when i search flash player nothing shows up

  • Paul S

    Thank you for the awesome advice. For months I have had intermittent issues when typing in the browser boxes. Every 2 seconds the boxes would flash and make it impossible to type anything. Your recommendation fixed me right up and I just want to say thanks for helping us all out. You rock my friend.

  • Joseph F

    theres only 1 flash files in my cheomw now what?

  • When you say “delete the latter” do you mean delete the windows file thing?

  • The_american Nerd

    how do you get two files? I only have the one you’re supposed to disabled but i have flash player installed and it doesn’t show up in plugins

  • Jason Bouskill

    google won’t let me download flash player or HTML5 and if they won’t let me then my youtube will never work what a bounch of assholes youtube should of never been a part of google they were fine by themselves and haven’t been working properly since google changed everything you use to be able to get flash player and HTML5 without google not anymore there bullies that think they control everything

  • Jason Bouskill

    same here google won’t let me fix anything

  • Animator426

    about:plugins no longer exists. Google removed it from Chrome.

  • Bee Dear

    I’ve had my chrombook a little over a year and I’m just now in the past month having the constant message (restart to update adobe flash player). No matter how many times I restart the message comes back. I was thinking I had a virus. Today, someone from Illinois had my email password and tried to access my email, but goole blocked them. Are yall sure it’s not a virus?

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    holy freaking crap dude I have never seen so many FP’s on one comp.If its for games try shutting them all down except for the NAAPI one.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    just like Fascist Book and liberal leftist Google..all control freak children in adult sized cloths.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    one is on your comp( NAPPI(which is the one for gaming) and the other (says ‘pepper’ and sucks for gaming)) comes with Google Chrome I am having crash issues with chrome and then Flash no longer works games , I get the turn on Flash/puzzle menu I hit ‘run at this time’ and it still doesnt run. I fixed this crap last year after a week worth of time but the comp crashed in google and now its not loading Google Flash. Will try loadingfNAAPI flash again.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    the “Latter” means the second one , the “Former’ means the 1st . Seems like ‘common core’ doesn’t teach people much.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    they dont want you to.They are making people who have played games for over 8 years, have to quit because they are based on Flash NAAPI ,which Chrome doesnt like. Chrome’s ‘pepper flash’ that comes with chrome sucks butt.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    yep I get the same shizzle stick mssg. I just wish my games played worth a crap on Firefox because i would totally dump Chrome and all google,. they just suck for gaming .

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    pepper flash is the one with Chrome and wont play games.

  • pjmman

    *Mate*. How are you doing?

    I *think* this is an old XP laptop I had running at the time (*4 years ago*.) It was a good machine, and I miss it.

    But if you intent is to troll or make me crazy–good luck with that. Don’t waste your time. XP was wonderful (for it’s time), but that time is long since past.

    Honestly, I don’t even remember what I was specifically commenting on, and, like I said, XP machine is no more.


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