Windows 8 Drivers: Problems and Solutions

Windows 8 Drivers: Problems

There are a lot of people complaining on the Internet that Windows 8 is having driver issues. Similar to the problems Windows Vista had on launch compared to Windows XP, many manufacturers are not bothering to create certified Windows 8 drivers for their hardware, and Windows 7 drivers sometimes don’t do the job. Microsoft’s Windows Update often doesn’t find newer drivers if they’re not approved by Microsoft on time, so those drivers never update.

This is especially a problem with older laptops and video drivers. Rather than release video drivers themselves, NVIDIA and ATI rely on the laptop’s manufacturer to release updates. Some manufacturers, such as Sony, eventually stop updating their older laptops, leaving the video drivers stuck on old versions. This leads to severe graphical issues when a new operating system, like Windows 8, is installed. This also causes problems when playing games.

Windows 8 Drivers: Solutions

Here are several solutions for finding the right Windows 8 drivers and getting your hardware up and running, if Windows Update isn’t doing the trick.

  1. Check the manufacturer’s website for an update
  2. Though, as we said, manufacturers eventually stop supporting their older machines, some of them are releasing special updates for Windows 8 drivers. You’ll need the model number of your PC, which you can find on the machine itself or in System Properties (Windows Key + Pause). On the manufacturer’s site, you’ll be asked to select this model number, and you’ll then see the latest updates.

  3. Check the hardware’s website for an update
  4. Though some PCs require you to go though the manufacturer to update anything, often the hardware’s website will have Windows 8 drivers. You might also try the very latest Windows 7 drivers, and see if they do the trick.

    Windows 8 Drivers
    Sony doesn’t have Windows 8 drivers at all for my laptop.

  5. Install the driver in Compatibility Mode
  6. One problem might be that the driver detects Windows 8 on launch and crashes. It’s a perfectly good driver, but it can’t handle seeing an operating system it doesn’t recognize. The solution is to make the driver think it’s running in Windows 7.

    To run a driver in Compatibility Mode:

    1. Right click on the driver’s Setup icon and click Properties
    2. In the Compatibility tab, select Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For:
    3. Choose Windows 7 in the dropdown menu
    4. Click OK

    Windows 8 Drivers
    Select this check box and choose Windows 7.

    Try running the driver again, and it may install more smoothly.

  7. Run Driver Reviver
  8. Driver Reviver is fantastic at finding the newest drivers that match your hardware with your operating system. It works like a charm in Windows 8, tracking down the right Windows 8 drivers directly from trusted sources. It’s worth running a free scan to see whether Driver Reviver locates that elusive driver where Windows Update couldn’t.

  9. Hack newer video drivers to work with your older laptop
  10. This is kind of a last resort, but this is what I had to do in order to remove graphical artifacts from my screen in Windows 8. I have a three-year-old Sony Vaio laptop with integrated NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics hardware. Unfortunately, Sony stopped updating the driver for it in 2010. If you try to download new drivers from NVIDIA, you’ll get an error when it scans the hardware of your PC.

    To fix this, download the latest drivers and unpack them. Then, copy the folder to a new location, as NVIDIA erases them when it can’t detect your hardware. Find the hardware ID of your video card in Device Manager, and add those lines to the appropriate INF file, then run setup again. The Experience Blog explains how to do this in detail. It’s for Windows 7, but it works like a charm in Windows 8 too. (This isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this. Six years ago I had to hack video drivers on a Dell laptop to play City of Heroes. It’s a fairly common problem with laptops, as video drivers are updated far too frequently for companies like Dell and Sony to keep up with.)

Windows 8 Drivers
Find the hardware ID in Device Manager.

By following these steps, you should be able to get just about any hardware working in Windows 8. Still having hardware that just refuses to run in Windows 8? Leave a comment here and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Mark

    Hi steve,

    I have a sony vaio vpcec1s1 and am having issues playing any form of video in the new apps and youtube, I have been trying to install the latest drivers but I don’t really know what I am doing.

    Any ideas?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Mark,

    The latest official Sony ATI drivers are two years old, but make sure you have those installed first:

    The next step is to download newer drivers from and add a few lines to one of the text files within, using the easy step by step directions here. Good luck!

  • Ian

    When i try to install my ASUS Motherboard Drivers, the system has to restart and then it doesn’t boot again.

  • ReviverSoft

    That’s odd. What model ASUS motherboard do you have?

  • ReviverSoft


    Prueba el controlador de Windows 7, pero instalarlo en modo de compatibilidad. A ver si eso funciona para usted.

    De lo contrario puede que tenga que comprar una tarjeta gráfica independiente. ¡Buena suerte!

  • Talvez seja necessário esperar por um novo driver a ser disponibilizado ou ver se a atualização do Windows 8.1 vai fazer a diferença quando sai este mês.

  • Lucas Ruiz

    tenga una pc con mother pcchips a33g, procesador amd athlon x2 4000+, 4gb de ram ddr2 y una placa nvidia geforce GT220, al instalar windows XP el controlador funciona perfectamente, pero cambie a windows 8 y me dice que hay un error y me marca codigo 43, anteriormente tenia esa placa en otro equipo con windows 8 y funcionaba perfecto, pero no se porque en ese equipo en el que esta puesto ahora no funciona, me gustaria que me puedan ayudar, desde ya muchas gracias.-

  • ¿Ha intentado actualizar los controladores? Windows encontrará algunas actualizaciones mediante Windows Update pero es probable que se pierda una gran cantidad de conductores también. Pruebe a ejecutar un análisis con Driver Reviver para ver si usted tiene cualquiera de los conductores fecha.

  • Chiristian Maya Zavala

    hola tengo una notebook gateway M-6809m con uan tarjeta ati radeon HD 2400 tx eh instalado los drivers pero me sigue marcando error con la fuente me marca la letra rosa y obvio no puedo ni ver videos por que dice que el controlador dejo de funcionar y se recupero ojala me puedan ayudar

  • Emiliano Diaz

    Tengo un problema con una placa de video Nvidia Gforce 6200. Tengo W8.1, he conseguido encontrar un Driver viejo que funciona bien con la placa, ya que los driver nuevos que trae W8.1, me dan error cada 15 minutos mas o menos. Ahora la pregunta es la siguiente, existe alguna forma de evitar que W8.1 me actualice sólo el driver de video? Entiendo que puedo desactivar las actualizaciones automáticas, pero de ese modo ninguna actualización de instalará. O sea quisiera saber si existe la posibilidad de apartar de la actualización automática solo el driver de video. Desde ya muchas gracias!!!!

  • Sugam Anand

    Hi, I have a sony vaio VPCEB46FG (E Series) laptop and from the time windows 8 was launched and till today I am facing this issue with my graphics driver i guess. I have AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series as stated in my device manager.

    Whenever I try to play videos files (of any format) on my windows media player, video app, or any other metro app in windows app for Video, only the audio plays and no video is shown. Also there is a delay in showing the video on websites as well.
    How to solve this? And what is the reason?

  • Ricardo Hidalgo

    Tengo problemas con la targeta de video Jaton 228-PCI Twin Fx 5200 de 128MB no existe driver para windows 8

  • Drake

    Hello , I have panasonic multifunctional KX-FLB756CX and I’m Using Windows 8 , When I tried to install the Driver it was a hell of a windows ME / XP compatible blah blah blah …
    So I tried to Use The 4th solution of yours , everything was fine but suddenly i saw a message : choose The port which your device is connected to … so it couldn’t find a port , bloody hell ! what can I do ?’

  • Jerson Misari Ortiz

    Hola yo Tengo una AMD athlon II X2 245 Procesador 2.90 GhZ

    mi provedor de placas no tiene drivers para windows8 solo tiene windows 7

    para abajo por ahora me sale adaptador de pantalla basico de microsof que hago para instalar mi tarjeta de video

    por cierto mi placa es Ga-MA74gmt-s2

  • Christian Suárez

    Tengo la Nvidia Geforce Gt 220. Pase de Windows 7 a 8.1 Pro, y al instalar el controlador, empieza a tirar errores y cuadros negros al punto que sale la pantalla azul. No logro encontrar un controlador que le sirva al windows 8.1 Pro. Ayuda!!!

  • Josue Souza

    esse processo funciona mesmo

  • Junior

    My wifi won’t work the troubleshoot says there might be something wrong with the device driver but the device manager tab says it’s working and that the latest version of the driver is installed yet no connections available ……

  • That’s really a marvelous post. This post contains useful information which helps a lot for solving Windows 8 Drivers Problem.

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