Connect to a Projector in Windows 8

Windows 8 has the same shortcut to connect to a projector as prior versions of Windows. However, the interface is brand new.

Connect to a Projector

  • Press Windows Key + P
  • You can also go to the Control Panel
  • Under Appearance and Personalization, click Adjust Screen Resolution
  • Click Project to a Second Screen

You’ll see a new screen slide into view from the right side.

Connect to a Projector in Windows 8
You have four options when connected to a projector.

You’re presented with four different options.


This disables the projector and allows the information to be seen only on the PC’s monitor.


Everything you do on the monitor will be mirrored on the projected screen.


The projector acts as an extended desktop, allowing you to move windows from the PC’s screen on to it and vice versa.


This disables your PC’s monitor and allows the display to only appear on the projected screen.

Note that these options only work when connected to a projector. They have no function when connected to an external monitor.

  • Jakki

    Hi I have completed as per instructions above and yes it works fine to projecting your power point to the screen, the only issue i have is every time i touch the mouse to move onto another slide the power point goes off and either my email or google comes up and you cant take it off unless you uncouple to the projector??? am i doing something wrong or should i be change a setting somewhere else?

  • Job Radames Charles Del Angel

    disculpa me trato de conectar a una pantalla con una computadora lenovo g 405 pero me dice q instale de nuevo el controlador o q use otra tarjeta de video que hago??

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