How to Uninstall Add Ons in your Browser

Many of your favorite applications install add-ons to your browser without your knowledge, or you click through the installation too fast and don’t realize what’s happening. Next thing you know, you try to search in your browser and are taken to a weird search engine, or you have too much of the screen taken up by a browser bar that you don’t want. You really need to uninstall add ons that you don’t trust or need.

Here’s an interactive video, subtitled in multiple languages, that explains how to remove or uninstall add ons in your browser that you just don’t need. We cover all the major web browsers in this video guide.

  • Malcolm Wood

    why does my skype-skype (UK to Egypt)keep breaking down, saying I’m no longer connected to the internet, when the bubble at lower left says’connected to the internet, strength excellent’, and both parties are showing solid green skype losenge for themselves and the second party? This is particularly bad after 11pm UK time. Is there anything that can be done, please?

  • Hi Malcolm,
    First, be sure you have the latest version of Skype installed:

    Also, try running Windows Update and choose all optional updates that have to do with your network adapter.

    If these solutions don’t work, write back again.

    Good luck!


  • Carole

    I would like to see the interactive video on how to uninstall browser add ons, when I try it tells me I have to install the latest flash player, which I have done, but when I try and see it all I get is that I need to install the latest flash player, how do I get past this, and is there anyway you can tell me how to uninstall the browser add ons without watching the video, as it would seem I am unabe to watch it. Please help Carole.

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