Disable the Aero Interface

Disable the Aero Interface
Click Personalize from the right-click dropdown menu.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a user interface called Aero. This separates these operating systems from Windows XP by offering things like transparent windows and other visual flashes. But the Aero interface takes up valuable system resources and reduces speed. You may be running an older PC and may not have those resources to spare.

Luckily, Windows Vista and 7 have an easy way to disable the Aero interface. You really won’t miss it much once it’s gone, and you’ll appreciate the faster response time and smaller Windows footprint.

To disable Windows Aero in Vista:

  • Press the Windows button and D to go to the desktop.
  • Right-click the background and click Personalize.
  • Click Window Color and Appearance.
  • Click Open Classic Appearance Properties for More Color Options.
  • Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK. It’ll take Windows a minute to adjust.

To disable Windows Aero in Windows 7:

  • Press the Windows button and D to go to the desktop.
  • Right-click the background and click Personalize.
  • Disable the Aero Interface
    Select the basic theme to disable Aero.
  • Choose Windows 7 Basic from the available themes after scrolling down. It’ll take a minute for Windows to adjust, then close the window.

To disable Windows Aero for a specific application in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  • Right-click the application in your Start menu, or the executable file in its directory.
  • Click Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Select Disable Desktop Composition.

Aero will be disabled for this specific application.

  • Brian

    hello i’d like to share my little tip,i’m using vista by the way,go to Start Menu then right click ‘Computer’ then ‘Properties’then’Windows Experience Index’,now open ‘Adjust Visual Effects’ and ‘Choose for Best Performance’ now don’t worry if the windows look kinda different,ok now right click anywhere on Desktop/Personalize/Windows Color And Appearance and Enable Windows Aero,there,now you have a fast running PC without losing aero glass effect.

  • Hi Brian,
    Great! Thanks for the tip for achieving better performance from Vista while retaining Windows Aero!

  • Marjan Celegin

    Thank You for tips about disabling W.aero in vista and W7. While it makes a clear difference i W7, I could not notice any change in W Wista. There is a svedish text and it is possibly that I did not done it well. Please hear of You if there is something more to do?
    Once again, thank´s Marjan

    P.S. I tryied to understand Brian´s tip but I have some trouble to apply it to my swedish text!

  • Hi Marjan,
    Disabling Aero in Windows Vista should have an even greater performance improvement than Windows 7, especially if you have multiple programs open or are otherwise using all your RAM or CPU. I think you’re doing everything you can.

    Good luck!

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