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Five Reasons to Keep Your Drivers Fresh

Driver Updates
Illustration: Gordon McAlpin

You may have heard, from us or elsewhere, that it’s important not to let drivers sit around too long without being updated. But why is it important? Well, I’ll tell you.

  1. Windows Update can cut your devices off

    Often, Windows will push out an update through Windows Update that will render hardware or other devices unusable. Manufacturers are usually on top of things, but release new drivers to combat the problem and enable your device again. If you don’t get the new driver, though, you’re stuck.

  2. The driver disc that comes with your new hardware is an old version

    It’s entirely possible that if you install the driver on the disc that comes with your new device, it still won’t work. CDs are pressed months in advance, and new drivers are released regularly. Even if the driver on disc does work, you’re still going to want to update it.

  3. Driver updates fix bugs and glitches

    Sometimes drivers have bugs in them that prevent hardware from working to its full potential. New drivers squash these bugs and ensure your device performs correctly.

  4. Video cards, especially gain enormous benefits from new drivers

    New games are often on the cutting edge of graphics, and video card manufacturers like AMD frequently release drivers to maintain compatibility between graphics cards and games. These new drivers are also designed to make sure advanced graphics in games display correctly with your card. Keeping up to date on your video card drivers is crucial.

  5. Newer drivers often use fewer resources

    As developers tighten up the code in newer drivers, you’ll see performance and speed improvements both with your device and your PC in general. Simply put, newer drivers run better.

    That said, sometimes new drivers don’t work correctly; there’s a crushing bug or serious incompatibility issues. It’s important to roll back to the previous version in that case.

Of course, the best way to keep ALL your drivers updated, back up your drivers, roll back to previous driver version if necessary, and so on: our own Driver Reviver! Give it a try.

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Free Driver Updates

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Free Driver Updates

Update your drivers in less than 2 minutes to enjoy better

PC performance - Free.

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