Six Facts About Windows 8 You Ought to Know

Facts about Windows 8 – The New Operating System from Microsoft

The big news lately is that Microsoft has released some concrete screenshots, video and information about Windows 8. It really is very different from what we’re used to. We’ve watched the video and we’re going to boil it all down for you.

First, here’s the video, for reference. Watch it if you want, or just read on, your choice:


Anyway, here are Six Facts about Windows 8 you ought to know:

1. Windows 8 is Touch-Focused

Windows 8 is designed with touchscreen monitors and tablets in mind, and also mice using mouse gestures (swiping, and so on) rather than simple point and clicking. Touch screens are going to be heavily favored, though, so to take full advantage of Win8, it looks like a touch screen monitor (or Win8 tablet) will be a good investment.

2. Windows 8 is Tile-Based

Instead of icons or lists, the Start Screen (the first thing you see) in Windows 8 uses tiles, these larger square things that show more about the app inside them. These tiles are shown in a grid. And, of course, they can be touched. Tiles can be swiped in and out to make them active or passive. You might have called these widgets before.

3. Windows 8 is Fast

Windows 8 wants you to be able to transition between apps at instant speed, by swiping or using the mouse or keyboard commands. Frequent multitaskers will like being able to go back and forth between apps very quickly. Or, if you want more than on the same screen, see #4.

We don’t know yet whether Windows 8 will have stricter CPU or RAM requirements than Windows 7. As flashy as the video looked, we’d be willing to bet it’ll be harder on your older PC.

4. Windows 8 Snaps

Another new feature of Windows 8 is called “Snap”. When you swipe to bring a new app into focus, if you pause for a second, it will snap to the side of the current app as a smaller version. You can then change places with the larger app, if you wish, or pull the smaller app out of snap.

Illustration: Gordon McAlpin

5. Windows 8 is Backward Compatible

Windows 8 still runs Win 7 apps, and they look and feel the same as what you’re used to, and interface will change to an average Windows 7 interface. However, these old apps can be swiped in and out, just like Windows 8. It does look a little awkward to be going back to the old-fashioned look and feel of Windows 7 and before, so many users will want to use Win 8 apps as much as they possibly can.

6. Windows 8 is Out in ’12 (Maybe)

We all remember the legendary delays surrounding previous versions of Windows, so this transformative new operating system may or may not make it out in ’12. Regardless, ReviverSoft will be right here when it does, bringing you the latest updates on our blog and the latest Windows 8 optimized versions of our applications.

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