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outlook email will not send, shows error 0x800ccc69

Asked by
jim maricich
2014/09/05 01:14
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my outlook email will not send message but it can receive emails, it show error code 0x800ccc69 cant connect to server.
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2014/09/05 02:56
Hi Jim,

The error code indicates that Outlook has trouble accessing your mailbox to send out the emails.

Note that Outlook is not your email server per se. Your email server would be the email provider (i.e gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

Try closing down Outlook, accessing your mailbox through your browser and logging in with your user name and password. Check all your login settings online and then restart Outlook and try to send out emails.

Another possibility is a firewall problem. If you recently installed or use a firewall or internet security program, try turning it off completely and check to see if Outlook is able to send out emails.

I would also recommend trying this:
Open Outlook click on File Account Settings Account Settings select your email account and click on Change More Settings Outgoing server check the box ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication OK Next Finish.

Changing the SMTP port within your Outlook email account settings would be my last suggestion.

Good luck,


Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2015/09/01 12:08

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Hi Jim,

The actual cause of 0x800ccc69 error is "Mailbox Not Found" (SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND).

How to Fix Error 0x800ccc69

We first recommend that you check all of your SMTP settings. Invalid settings can trigger this error. Also check that there is nothing stuck in your outbox (ie: no bad messages), as this can also be problematic.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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