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PC REVIVER identified 23GB of previous installation files to get rid of. It will not show me what files it is going to mess with. I am scared to run the fix.

Asked by
Tom Heckman
2017/08/02 15:59
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I need to be assured that running the Disk cleanup and having PC Reviver "fix" (or remove?) 23GB of files, won't screw up my computer. I have run it in the past and it messed up my Microsoft Outlook email program. So I don't know if I should run it or not. What do I do if it messes up my Microsoft Outlook program again?
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Answered by
Thi Dang
2017/08/05 13:26

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go and readmove that all

2017/08/03 00:21

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for posting your concern's here.

I'd like you to know that you could safely clean those detected items by PCReviver, if you're hesitant in doing so, you can simply set PCReviver's settings to back-up those files by creating a restore point.

If you would like to create a restore point, please follow the steps given below.

1. Please select the cog icon of your PCReviver which is the settings, Cog icon is near minimize and exit button.

2. Under settings, please check/select Create System Restore Point Before Optimizing.

3. Once you have checked it, please proceed by clicking Save button.

4. You can now go back to PCReviver's Home tab and run the scan.

Additional reference: https://www.revivers...

You may also create and use the Windows restore point option just to be sure if things would get messy, please see link given below.


If you have any other questions, please let me know.




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