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0 answers
Asked by
Pam Mulligan
2017/02/23 22:57
the second time i tried to use it and from then on. i can log in but that is all.

Uploaded files:
0 answers
Asked by
Aneita Conner
2017/02/23 19:34
PC reviver runs daily, and registers very low. My computer runs slow, so I installed and scanned using disk reviver. It shows 574 problems. Why?
0 answers
2017/02/23 18:54
This problem continues to be this afternoon
My operating system is a Mac
1 answer
Asked by
純 早乙女
2017/02/21 01:27
1 answer
2017/02/19 23:04
you have my money. I have done all the jobs you assigned still nothing. I opened the email
1 answer
Asked by
milord markiz
2017/02/16 07:32
I patirial key lichsenzy
2 answers
1 like
2017/02/15 15:09
The receipt (debit) was confirmed. The specified code is rejected as expired. I always had licenses for 2 PCs (now, however, there is only 1 PC). It's about the license code: 97C6-6ED6-MEEA-AFE7-7M63-F3EA-4A23-6EE. Grateful f ...
1 answer
2017/02/14 16:45
Following transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I am very dissatisfied with the software. so I would like to cancel. but the termination to the email address comes back as spam. What can I do?
0 answers
2017/02/14 16:41
How can I after a year of use of the software under the contract?
0 answers
Asked by
Chris Ras
2017/02/13 19:19
I use Google Maps .. visit various sites .. MIDI audio using Windows Media Player .. ..the laptop seems to often sound -is not very often silent .. Windows Defender was -by me- tried to disable (and / or remove) Laptop initia ...
30 day trial McAfee software. McAfee software was removed and PC Reviver Reviver + Security were installed and added -later bought Disk Reviver. When given first use laptop notebook make- ready, black screen while working on preparing / install. ..I look a little Windows logs and see that there are frequent errors and warnings. I do nothing else with the entries from the log, I have too little knowledge of and / or not in the mood / no patience for. I once had a message vannuit the action window (?) That the browser '' Edge '' does quickly drain the battery (?) If it is well recommended updates not installed so far. use a computer with Lenovo, Windows 10 ..

Additional details:
voor nu niets..

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