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.fa 文件擴展名

開發商: N/A
文件類型: FASTA Formatted Sequence File
你在這裡因為你有,有一個文件擴展名結尾的文件 .fa. 文件與文件擴展名 .fa 只能通過特定的應用程序推出。這有可能是 .fa 文件是數據文件,而不是文件或媒體,這意味著他們並不是在所有觀看。

什麼是一 .fa 文件?

.fa文件擴展名是有關生物化學的格式。文件具有.fa擴展使用FASTA格式,這是用於多種序列在一個文件中存儲的文件中的類型。這些.fa文件包含有關的DNA序列和其他相關部件的科學信息的信息文件。使用英足總文件格式的程序通常實現為研究DNA和蛋白質序列,而且有些事情要與生物化學某些文件通常被保存在.fa格式。這是一個非常簡單的格式,並且它允許用於簡單操作的數據。文件與.fa擴展通常打開4Peaks,分子生物學數據管理和分析軟件,可以很容易的生物學家以電子方式記錄數據。換句話說,用這個軟件,記錄生物數據更加容易。正在使用此軟件實現所保存的數據.fa擴展。該軟件還具有CubicDesign DNA卑劣,這是一個程序,它允許使用該軟件保存分子生化數據的所有塊相關的,因此它可以與其他用戶共享。

如何打開 .fa 文件?

推出 .fa 文件,或者你的電腦上的任何其他文件,雙擊它。如果你的文件關聯的設置是否正確,這意味著應用程序來打開你的 .fa 文件將其打開。這是可能的,你可能需要下載或購買正確的應用程序。這也有可能是你有正確的應用程序在PC上,但 .fa 文件還沒有與它相關聯。在這種情況下,當您嘗試打開一個 .fa 文件,你可以告訴Windows的應用程序是正確的該文件。從這時起,打開 .fa 文件將打開正確的應用程序。 點擊這裡修復.fa文件關聯錯誤

打開一個應用程序 .fa 文件



4Peaks is a DNA managing software enabling molecular biologists to view, edit and manipulate DNA sequence files. This program is only applicable to Mac computers, particularly OS X10.3 operating systems and higher versions. Plus, this software does not require conversion of file formats as it supports most of the standard DNA sequence files. With the integrated features, DNA sequence analyzing is a lot easier and effortless to conduct using 4Peaks. These include sharper traces, display of high quality DNA sequence data or crop low quality data in a single click, and editing tool for the reduction of missed or erroneous entry by simply double clicking the area. This program also translates sequences automatically with immediate checkup of the consequences of a single mutation, reads standard file formats of DNA sequences, and supports writing and reading of sequence files in various common formats. There are thousands of motifs to select from to create sequence, which make analyzing easier as you can use through color coding and built in plugins.
CubicDesign DNA Baser

CubicDesign DNA Baser

CubicDesign DNA Baser is an application that deals specifically in the field of molecular biology. DNA sequence assembly, automatic sample processing, analysis of DNA sequence, mutation detection, format conversion and sample processing simulations are the CubicDesign DNA Baser’s capability. The user may customize the background, nucleotides and chromatograms. The software may suggest and correction in case of a vague base. And those unclear bases will be highlighted for proper notification. Assembly engine may also be personalized. DNA samples may be assembled and aligned to a referred sequence, import from ABI, SCF, SEQ, TXT, FASTA, GBK formats. Traces may be also viewed and edited, convert the output to Multi- FASTA and other mentioned formats. The metadata in the user's contigs may be integrated automatically, detect or remove the vectors. CubicDesign DNA Baser run in Windows and Mac specifically on this following hardware: 333MHz for the processor, 64 MB of RAM, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 2 MB Hard Drive space.
GeoSpiza FinchTV

GeoSpiza FinchTV

FinchTV is a DNA sequence trace viewer that runs on Windows, Mac, Solaris and Linux. It began as the only chromatogram viewer that can view an entire sequence in a scalable, multi-window view. It provides BLAST searching, views of raw data and the ability to reverse traces and complement sequences. The latest version is version 1.4. Among its added features is the printing option for custom scale settings. It also introduces an optional integration with Geospiza’s GeneSifter Lab Editon. You can keep track of adjustments at your base while working on your data sequencing, edit your trace files and save your data back to a supported relational database with complete history of revisions, share-ability and accessibility though the Web. Geospiza develops software to facilitate and improve genetic research. In data analysis, you will be able to visualize and dig into volumes of data through [NGS] Next Generation Sequencing technology. You save time and costs for data management and complex laboratory workflows. You accomplish your research from samples to results in 4 to 6 weeks. Data analysis, data storage and DNA sequencing are incorporated into a single complete unit.


要小心,不要重命名擴展 .fa 文件,或任何其他文件。這不會更改文件類型。只有特殊的轉換軟件可以從一個文件類型更改一個文件到另一個。


文件擴展名是一組三個或四個字符在文件名的末尾,在這種情況下, .fa. 文件擴展名告訴你它是什麼類型的文件,並告訴Windows哪些程序可以打開它。窗戶經常關聯一個默認程序的每個文件的擴展名,這樣,當你雙擊該文件,程序會自動啟動。當該程序不再是您的PC上,有時可以得到一個錯誤,當您試圖打開相關的文件。
FIX .fa文件關聯錯誤


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