Repair your USB ports with ease!

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Repair your USB ports with ease!

Postby Reggie » Tue May 03, 2011 8:34 am

Are you having trouble getting your flash drive or USB based gadget to work with your computer?

Something wrong with your computer's USB port?

Well, here's something your can try on your own. It's quick, it's easy and it should resolve your problems. ;)

What you need to know:

The Windows Operating System offers built-in support for USB ports and devices, by including generic USB drivers that help the USB devices and ports communicate with your computer effectively.

The more recent your Operating System (Win 7, Vista) , the more number of USB formats and devices supported by it, compared to Windows XP, 2000 and older.

What you need to do:

Before we begin ,try using Microsoft's USB diagnosis utility to see if it helps.

If not, proceed from here:

1. Go to Start > Run > type in devmgmt.msc > OK

2. In the Device Manager window, open up the Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click on each USB Hub/Device/Controller shown, choose Uninstall



3. You will receive a warning that you are about to remove the device from your system. Click on OK. Do the same for every entry under Universal Serial Bus controllers, until they have all been removed.

4. Restart your computer and Windows should automatically detect the new hardware (USB ports) and re-install the generic drivers for it.

This should be sufficient to get your USB ports working again! :D

What if this did not help?

1. Check to see if your USB Flash drive or gadget works on other computers, to confirm that the device itself is at fault.

2. If you are using a USB cable, check the condition of the cable and its connectors. Replace cable if necessary.

3. Although unlikely, your USB ports might have suffered physical damage.

Hope this helped!

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