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.graphml 文件扩展名

开发商: The GraphML Team
文件类型: GrapML File
你在这里因为你有,有一个文件扩展名结尾的​​文件 .graphml. 文件与文件扩展名 .graphml 只能通过特定的应用程序推出。这有可能是 .graphml 文件是数据文件,而不是文件或媒体,这意味着他们并不是在所有观看。

什么是一 .graphml 文件?

该GRAPHML文件扩展用于通过用类似于YED的程序中创建的文件。这个程序是一个受欢迎的图形创建者或绘图程序,可以容纳大量过时,可以与众多的网页打印图表。 YED申请房屋GRAPHML作为其创建图表,数据导入,自动布局和准确的输出常驻备案制度。 GRAPHML是由可扩展标记语言或XML ,这使得它无论机器可读使这种文件格式涵盖范围广泛的图形化的形式,如超图,混合图和无向和有向图。这些曲线图利用节点和表示由所述用户定义的数值边缘。 Gephi是一个可视化和网络分析应用程序常用的记者和各大学的研究项目还聘请GRAPHML文件格式。 GRAPHML文件由这个程序来存储和访问的网络流量和视觉连接数据。

如何打开 .graphml 文件?

推出 .graphml 文件,或者你的电脑上的任何其他文件,双击它。如果你的文件关联的设置是否正确,这意味着应用程序来打开你的 .graphml 文件将其打开。这是可能的,你可能需要下载或购买正确的应用程序。这也有可能是你有正确的应用程序在PC上,但 .graphml 文件还没有与它相关联。在这种情况下,当您尝试打开一个 .graphml 文件,你可以告诉Windows的应用程序是正确的该文件。从这时起,打开 .graphml 文件将打开正确的应用程序。 点击这里修复.graphml文件关联错误

打开一个应用程序 .graphml 文件



Gephi features an open graph viz platform providing interactive exploration and visualization program for all kinds of complex systems and networks, hierarchical and dynamic graphs. It is an open source and free software that operates on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It is a tool for exploring and understanding graphs [mixed, directed, undirected]. It explores data by real time network manipulation and intuition-oriented analysis. It performs link analysis by revelation of underlying structures of relationships between objects particularly in scale-free networks. It does social network analysis by creating social data connectors between small-world networks and community organizations. It analyzes biological data patterns for its biological network analysis. It creates posters of high-quality printed maps for science promotion. Gephi is a data workshop that lets you interact with the representation by manipulating the shapes, colors and structures to discover its hidden properties. It aims to help data analysts to formulate hypothesis, discover patterns intuitively, isolate faults or structures singularities while searching data. It complements traditional statistics as Visual Analytics by visualization through interactive interfaces is recognized to facilitate reasoning. You can profit from its fast graph visualization powered by established OpenGL engine for pattern discovery in large graphs. It provides an efficient and interactive network exploration with up to 1,000,000 edges and 50,000 nodes. Use dynamic filter to visualize and manipulate your graphs. Gephi provides the latest layout algorithms that give shape to your graphs. You can choose your layout settings [such as force-based algorithms and graph coarsening for multi-level algorithms] from the Layout palette while working for increased user feedback and experience. The statistics and metrics frameworks provides the most common metrics for scale-free networks and SNA [social network analysis] with features such as random generators, community detection [modularity], diameter, betweenness, closeness, clustering coefficient, PageRank, average shortest path and HITS. Gephi features DNA [dynamic network analysis] by filtering dynamic structures such as social networks in a timeline. You can perform graph streaming, and import temporal graph as GEXF file. Create cartography by using partition data and ranking to make your network presentation meaningful along with customized colors, labels and sizes. The vectoral preview module lets you aesthetically improve your representation before converting it to PDF or SVG format. Use data attributes and built-in clustering algorithms to create multi-level graphs such as hierarchical and clustering graphs. Filer your network and build new networks from your filtering results. Perform complex filter queries without scripting, and save your favorite queries. Use Data Table to view and edit data. Organize your work and save your sessions as .gephi project files. The architecture is modular and functionalities can be added. New features like Layouts, Metrics and Filters can be packaged in plug-ins and shared. It has Netbeans platform and API for extendable features. Native file formats are GML, NET [Pajek], GDF[GUESS], GraphML [NodeXL], GEXF, etc.
yWorks yEd Graph Editor

yWorks yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor is a program that was developed by yWorks which acts as an application used for desktop computers. The main goal of this program is to provide its users with a program which can be used in order to rapidly and efficiently generate superior diagrams. The user has the capability of either creating the diagram using the manual method or by importing the user’s data external to be used for analysis. It has a built-in layout algorithm automatically arranges all types of data sets including the large ones with the use of the button. It is free software and works on different types of platforms which include Unix/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. There were several versions that were released for this program and the version 3.10.1 is the latest one. It supports different types of diagrams including BPMN, Family Trees and UML Class among the others.
Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the many versions of spread sheet tools that were released by Microsoft. This program has built-in tools which includes the ones being used for visualization and analysis which helps its users highlight as well as track the data trends which are deemed important. This version allows its users to access their data even with just the use of a smartphone or a Web browser. The file that is being created using Microsoft Excel 2010 can be uploaded to the Web which will allow it to be accessible to your colleagues as well so that you can all work together on the file. It has the capability of allowing its users to visualize the summary of their data with the use of the built-in tiny charts that can actually fit inside the cell along with the user’s text data together with Sparklines.
Monkfish XML Software XMLBlueprint XML Editor

Monkfish XML Software XMLBlueprint XML Editor

XMLBlueprint XML Editor is software that was developed by Monkfish XML Software which works as an XML Editor specifically for different versions of Windows platform. It has the capability of providing its users the ability such as completing even the context-sensitive XML as well as validating the schemas as well as XML documents alongside whichever schema. It supports all types of major schema including Relax NG, XML Schema, DTD and Schematron. The users of this software have the ability to easily create, run as well as edit XSLT Stylesheet together with previewing of its result after transformation. The software has a built-in XPath Evaluator which allows its users to test, debug and analyse the different XPath expressions by use of visualization. It also has the ability to display an outline which is real-time of the different elements which can be found in the XML document and at the same time providing its users with an access to the different parts of the document.


要小心,不要重命名扩展 .graphml 文件,或任何其他文件。这不会更改文件类型。只有特殊的转换软件可以从一个文件类型更改一个文件到另一个。


文件扩展名是一组三个或四个字符在文件名的末尾,在这种情况下, .graphml. 文件扩展名告诉你它是什么类型的文件,并告诉Windows哪些程序可以打开它。窗户经常关联一个默认程序的每个文件的扩展名,这样,当你双击该文件,程序会自动启动。当该程序不再是您的PC上,有时可以得到一个错误,当您试图打开相关的文件。
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