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A Review of The Most Popular iOS Apps for Tech FansA Review of The Most Popular iOS Apps for Tech Fans

The latest smartphones come with a wide range of iOS apps that will get you started, from navigation to video calling services. But, if you are tech-savvy, you might be looking for some exciting iOS apps in the App Store.

As tech-savvy users have high expectations from the top iOS app development companies, many iOS apps are created to help users in various tasks. Let’s dive in to find out about the most popular iOS apps for tech fans.

Fluid Navigation Gestures

We are starting our list with an app that is not meant to entertain. It is an app that comes as a useful solution. However, the sole procedure of trying the app is quite fun. With Fluid Navigation Gestures, you can replace the standard navigation of your smartphone with some swipes.

There are two types of navigating gestures- with finger delay and fast. You can select the swipes to enable it from 5 different positions. But for your convenience, the app’s swipes start from the bottom of the screen. So, you don’t confuse it with the swiping abilities of the default top-screen.


Twitter is the most terrible way to spend time these days. However, if you can’t separate yourself from the social media platform, you should get Tweetbot. This makes using Twitter a little less painful. 

Through this app, you will be able to check the apps of the people you are following, that too in chronological order. There are no promoted tweets or ads. Also, there are powerful mute filters for blocking unwanted noise. You will not be constantly disturbed by the unwanted notifications that lure you back to the site. 

Just a Line

Just a Line is an app that has been created using VR-compatible devices. By downloading it on your iOS smartphone or tablet, you can use it for real artistic creation. 

The primary functionality and features of the software are letting you draw lines in space and share what you created virtually. It also lets you record short videos when you are drawing a composition. The app is supported by AR capabilities. 


This is a peculiar and unusual app. Luci is an authentic application serving as an intelligent assistant that tracks and monitors your dreams. No, it is not watching you while you are sleeping. However, it can be great to collect dreams rather than photos, for once. 

By using the app, you can record your dreams; use voice recording while you are sleeping to learn everything you said in the night and app pictures to the dream description. The app is supposed to ease the users into a journey of lucid dreams. So, if you would like to explore your dreams, Luci can help you out.


If you like creating cinemagraphs, Vimage might be the perfect app for you. Using this app, you can process your photos with a range of dynamic visual effects. It is a popular image processing software. The image that you create through this app can be shared on your social media handles.

Vimage is ambitious and innovative in terms of functionality. Using the app, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. The created files can be saved in mp4 format. 


These are some of the best apps for iOS devices that are available right now. With time, mobile solutions are becoming more advanced. They have been in great demand over the years as it is not easy to carry your Mac every time when you are travelling. Also, there is a chance of theft if left unattended. 

In such a case, it is better to have protection for your Mac in case of theft. The best solution is to use MacReviver that comes with Anti-Theft Protection functionality to easily locate your Mac, take screenshots of who is using it, and more.

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