Where can I get more images to customize tiles in Start Menu Reviver?

Start Menu Reviver includes around 200 Custom Tile Images to choose from when you edit a Tile.

However, you can easily customize a Tile by including your own images for shortcuts.

  • To use your own image: Right-click or press and hold a Tile, choose Edit Tile, locate Picture in the Tile Properties window, click the Magnifying Glass icon, select Browse and navigate to the file location. Choose the file you want to use as your new Tile, hit Enter and click or tap the Check mark button to apply the changes.

  • Online Images: You can also look for an image online and save it on your computer for use with Start Menu Reviver. Simply find the image you like, right click on it and select “Save Image” and choose the location to save the file. To add this image as a Tile, simply follow the step above.

We will soon be offering additional Tile packages that you can download for free from our website.

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