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Gráficos integrados versus gráfica dedicada: Qual é a diferença?Integrated Graphics vs. Dedicated Graphics: What’s the Difference?

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  • Brett Duncan

    Graphics cards are not always the answer, since you won’t need them 24/7. I personally would choose 16 GB RAM over 12 GB RAM + 2 GB VRAM (as an example) in a computer. However gamers who need 16 GB all the time should get a graphics card.

  • Agree with you here Brett. A RAM upgrade is always a great first place to go for an upgrade, especially considering how cheap it is.

  • maneesh

    my laptop contain intel hd graphic 4000 and amd radeon 8600 garaphics in this both graphic i dnt what is what .in my laptop specifications it was written i have 1 gb dedicated graphic iam aa video gamer i need to upgrade the the graphics to at least 2 gb or 3gb can i upgrade help me

  • VR

    Buying cheap 2or3or4 GB graphics card isn’t gonna benefit and the motto is,higher the cost,Better the card.and also look for the number like,for nvidia-gt610,gt620…gtx650gtx660….higher the last two nos, better the performance(if you have a desktop).

    In a laptop,it is mere impossible to upgrade your graphics and the better choice is to sell your old one and buy a new one with more specs.

  • Geraldine Grace Gabriel

    How about the AMD radeon HD? is it good or not?

  • VR

    Not all of them. The lower/ cheaper ones are crappy.But the higher ones (whch have been give new names under R series) awesome.A R7 can play most games with medium to ultra with not much fps drop. But still, higher the numbers, better the performance. ie; a R7 270 wont be a match to a R9 290X. So, if you budgets are tight, dont buy and HD series or nvidia gt series, instead get a little more money and buy atleast a R7 ( and if you are lucky, you may find a second hand R9 that someone havent used cause it wont work in their pc for the price of a R7, that’s how i got my R9 290X) And for those who wants to buy a gtx 690, think about R9, same performance, lower priced. Amd i doing a great jb with their cheap yet the most powerful ones and gfx cards that are also cheap and does the work it is made for. nb: Amd processors are way better than intel ones, just compare an i7 and any of the processor from Amd FX series.

  • animeboss

    im confused i have a gtx 970 is that an integrated gpu

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